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Product: Samsung p735 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 5/5
Samsung p735 Phone (T-Mobile)
need help

i have a question how can i get the songs to play on the phone with the multimedia card. i added some songs onto the card with a 8in 1 card reader/writer. For some reason its not reading them as an audio file. It reads them as unknown. Could anyone help i would appreciate it thanks
Product features:
Unique Swivel Design
Built-In MP3 player and 3D Graphics
Built-in Megapixel Camera w/ CIF Video Capability
64MB internal memory plus 32MB removeable RS-MMC Card
Includes phone and travel charger

Product: PCS Phone Samsung A460 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 1/5
PCS Phone Samsung A460 (Sprint)
Never Again

This has been THE worst phone i have ever had!! I have had this phone not once but twice the first time it went awry I should have been concerned but sprint replaced it (my guess it was "refurbished...USED) the second phone started acting weird and erased every phone number ,download and ringtone on the phone needless to say I was pissed off. Then believe it or not my husbands did the same thing no LED readout no caller id ...nothing THIS PHONE SUcKS...BIGTIME!! and I would never buy anything Samsuks I mean SAMSUNG makes I am definitely going with Sanyo
Product features:
External display shows incoming call phone numbers
Compact design with slim profile
Large screen displays up to 8 lines of text, 4 shades of grayscale
Supports downloadable ringers, images, and wallpapers
Full width keypad supports larger buttons, allows easy operation

Product: Kyocera Slider V5 MTV Edition Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Virgin Mobile
Rating: 5/5
Kyocera Slider V5 MTV Edition Phone (Virgin Mobile)
EVERYTHING you need in a prepay phone

I live in New Hampshire which is pretty much a dead zone for cellular service, but I travel frequently and need a phone when I'm on the road. Enter the Slider. The Virgin service through Sprint covers most of the major highways and I happen to live right by two interstates, so it works at home. It also works just about everywhere else.The phone itself is a wonderful little thing. Quite possibly the best phone on the market right now, it's ver' cool with all the features you could ever need. Voice dial and the color screen are my personal faves. It is very compact (which means the buttons are small) and a joy to use.If you need a phone occasionally then this is the one for you. It works everywhere, the pricing is very easy to understand and the phone is a beautiful piece of kit.
Product features:
No prepaid minutes included. Comes with charger.
Unique sliding design - phone slides open with the push of a thumb
Full-color screen
Downloadable, polyphonic ringtones and vibrate alert
2-way text messaging, 1-touch and voice dialing

Product: Motorola V180 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 1/5
Motorola V180 Phone (T-Mobile)
underwater conversations

I have this as a replacement for my Samsung e-105 which was a fantastic little phone that I never had a problem with, until my lack of care caused it to finally collapse. Phones (other than Nokia, IMO) only last about 14 months these days.
I have no complaints about the design - the LCD is not NEARLY as clear as the samsung, and it is cheap plastic, but it's free - what should I expect?
The problem is that every conversation - whether to a landline or another mobile - sounds like the other person is under water! They're garbled and hard to understand. I always have to ask people to repeat themselves.
Second problem - the battery. After an hour, even when not in use, it needs more juice.
I already called TMobile and ordered the next Samsung - their interface is considerably better.
(and any problems with TMobile might just be from the particular agent - i've never had a problem, and I've been with them for 6 years - since they were Voicestream!)
Product features:
The sleek feature-forward model V180 offers mobile movers and shakers hip style without the hot price tag.
Polyphonic speaker for MP3 ring tunes and MPEG4 video playback
Large, vibrant color display with picture caller ID
Stylish clamshell design with integrated speakerphone
Includes phone, charger and user documentation.

Product: PCS Phone Samsung VGA1000 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 2/5
PCS Phone Samsung VGA1000 (Sprint)
be careful... this phone looks cool, but doesn't work well

this is not a great phone at all. i bought it in november and had to return it in january because it kept turning off by itself and it would not want to restart. it's fairly slow and there are often errors when using pcs doesn't stop there. my mom got the same phone in december and THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO HERS! one day it just stopped working. wouldn't turn on. my coworker had the SAME THING HAPPEN TO HIM!!! he took his phone back, too.we are not crazy, violent people who throw our phones at brick walls! this phone looks really nice, but it's NOT a great phone. i strongly recommend buying a non-camera phone, as those tend to have less problems.if you buy it--good luck!
Product features:
This tri-mode CDMA phone comes with a large color display that supports 65,000 colors
Comes with integrated camera with flash
Equipped with voice activated dailing
Supports wireless Internet (WAP 2.0) and text messaging
Phone book can carry up to 250 contacts

Product: Motorola V180 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 1/5
Motorola V180 Phone (Cingular)
Deserves 0 Stars

Unlike some of the upscale phones by motorola, this one is a piece of crap. This is made of cheap plastic and it falls apart and scratches and the battery sucks and its just a horrible phone. This phone has turned me away from motorola and back on to nokia. DON'T BUY. THIS PHONE IS A PIECE OF CRAP.
Product features:
The sleek feature-forward model V180 offers mobile movers and shakers hip style without the hot price tag.
Polyphonic speaker for MP3 ring tunes and MPEG4 video playback
Large, vibrant color display with picture caller ID
Stylish clamshell design with integrated speakerphone
Includes phone, charger and user documentation.

Product: Motorola V300 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 3/5
Motorola V300 Phone (T-Mobile)
Mediocre phone

I recently switched to t-mobile and got this phone, in a hurry. While I was waiting to port my number, I forgot to give this phone a thorough test ride. Boy, am I sorry now!
The phone has some nice features but has lots of minor bugs.I wanted to give this phone 1 star but gave it 3 since I wanted both optimists (like me, who always want to read good reviews about a product) and pessimists to read this review.Some background first. I have used several cell phones before getting this one: qualcomm, audiovox, other motorola phones. So, I am comparing this phone to the ones I have experienced.First of all, the users guide tells you to fully discharge the battery before re-charging. Since this is a lithium-ion battrery you dont need to do that. Avoid frequent full discharges because this puts additional strain on the battery. Several partial discharges with frequent recharges are better for lithium-ion than one deep one.
Although memory-free, apply a deliberate full discharge once every 30 charges to calibrate batteries because of the fuel gauge. The phone's speaker volume is so low that you have to stick it close to your ear. And, you have to directly talk into the microphone if you want to be heard. Speakerphone sucks too. I usually drop the phone on my lap while driving, and nobody can hear me if I do that with this phone. The ear piece is OK to listen to, while driving. But the microphone has to be close to your mouth. This beats the purpose, if you want hands free phone.The phone's menus are hard to use. Redialling a number is a pain requiring at least 4-5 button clicks. Phonebook does not have a search feature. If you store lots of numbers, tough luck finding a number in a hurry. The buttons on the outside of the phone are not configurable. You have to open the phone in order to end a call while on speakerphone or the earpiece. Also, you have to open the phone to recieve calls (unless if you leave it in auto-answer mode).Dialing is slow, as someone already mentioned. It feels like an antique pulse phone. I have had calls dropped as well as conversations cut-off mid-sentence, even though the signal indicator indicates full signal availability. Don't know if this is due to the phone or the t-mobile service. Others with t-mobile have not complained (they have other phones)... Oh, did I mention that the battery takes ages to charge up. Plugging into a wall outlet, the battery takes anywhere from 4-5 hours to get full charge. This again is pathetic compared to other phones (max 2 hrs to recharge).Overall, I am very dissatisfied with this phone. Would return it without a second thought, if I had a chance.
Product features:
Tri-band GSM capability
Large color display features 65,000 colors
Built-in VGA camera with zoom
Supports text messaging and wireless Internet (WAP 2.0)
Comes with 35 ringtones and supports MIDI and MP3 formats

Product: Motorola V551 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 5/5
Motorola V551 Phone (Cingular)
What more would you want?

I have had the Moto V551 for nearly a week now. I cannot describe the relief I have now that I've actually got a phone that doesn't dissapoint me.

I am a tech junkie. I own a recording studio and have a degree in electrical engineering. After doing a collaborative 4 hours of "homework" on phones I decided to go with the V551. My expectations were VERY high! Even higher was my expectations to be disappointed. However, I was not disappointed at all.

First off, you can actually transfer pictures, ringtones (which I've made a few of my own sampling DVDs, music, and even my 2 year old saying "pick up the phone Dad!") using the bluetooth enabling and bluetooth dongle for PC. So right off the top I was already pleased. I don't care what anybody says, you DO NOT need the Mobile Phone tools to transfer ringtones, pics, or video. You may need Phone tools if you want to sync your phone with Outlook or other data transfers. The only thing needed is the V551 and a bluetooth dongle.

Ok, so we got what I hoped and expected out of the way. Now for the pleasant surprises I got in addition.

Voice dial - VERY NICE! Especially when using a blue tooth headset, you can have your phone in the stinkin' trunk and still answer the phone and make calls using the blue tooth!

Display - is by far the best I've seen to date. I've got a digital picture (taken with a REAL digital camera, not the phone) and it is spectacular. Colors and resolution are AWESOME!

The camera part of the phone is exactly that, a phone with a camera in it. Don't expect to use this for anything except maybe snapping a shot of someone your are putting in your phone's address book or if you get in a fender bender to document damage.

The speakerphone is awesome, you can clearly hear the person and they can clearly hear you. Easily the best speakerphone I've had.

The handset is also clear. No more saying, "wait a sec... what'd you say???"

Some reviews here get all bent out of shape over button size and location. That is some of the lamest information I've seen. All phones have buttons, and depending on the phone size dictates the size of the buttons. I am a 6' tall male with hands roughly 8"-10" in diameter. I have NO PROBLEM with the buttons.

The V551 isn't the lightest or smallest phone on the market, but for someone my size it is great. It actually has a little weight to make it feel like a phone (not an empty plastic shell of a phone) and the hinging on the flip is strong, I can actually put it to my face without feeling it want to bend backwards.

The outside display is good too, very cool blue color scheme, true, no outside photo caller ID, but you can pay a little more and get that in a different phone.

If you want a reliable, well built, and "as advertised" phone this is the phone to get. Not to mention the fact that Amazon will pay you $25 (after rebate) to take it is nice too.

This is easily the best phone I have had to date and I've been wireless for almost 8 years now getting a new phone every year.

This phone is exactly as it is described, and that alone makes it worth 5 stars, I've had too many phones promise me features only to find the features weren't described acturately or were dependent on other parts of your wireless service (meaning I have to PAY to use them) This is not the case. Enjoy it if you get it!!!!
Product features:
Quad-band GSM phone with built-in Bluetooth
Integrated VGA camera with 4x zoom and video capture
MP3 ringtone capable
Features EDGE high-speed data network compatibility
Conference calling and integrated hands-free speaker

Product: Sony Ericsson T610 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Ericsson
Rating: 2/5
Sony Ericsson T610 Phone (T-Mobile)
Buy the t616

The problem with the t610 if you do the research is that it was made for europes networks. While any t-mobile rep will tell you this phone was made just for them (lie). It is an international phone so it works on our network as well however the u.s. version works better here it's the t616 available from at&t/Cingular. I would only recommend getting this phone if you travel to europe often, trust me it works great there!
Product features:
Large 128x160 pixel 65.000 color screen
MMS for composing messages using images, sounds and text
Supports Java and Mophun platforms for the widest range of mobile games and applications
Supports Bluetooth, infrared and cable for PC synchronization
With a built-in 319 x 288 pixel camera and QuickShare software

Product: Nokia 3595 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 2/5
Nokia 3595 Phone (T-Mobile)
Why are Nokia models not as good as before?

I have had this phone for a few months, and it isnt living up to the things that I need. I am a tech freak, and this phone isnt capable enough. However, it is a solid phone, suitable for people who want to make calls with a few neat apps but little else. The phone is well made, with a good screen and functional keypad, albeit with an awkward design. Very functional. Battery lasted for a long time before I had to recharge it. It is a good phone for people who dont need much from a phone.
Product features:
Large color screen supports 4096 colors (96x65 pixels)
Send and receive messages with image, sound and text
Synchronize your phone book, calendar and to-do list with your PC using SyncML over WAP
Phone book stores up to 500 contacts, with up to 5 numbers and 3 text entries per contact
Personalize your phone with 8 different color schemes

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