Gsm mobile phone related reviews

Product: Nokia 2285 Prepaid Phone (TracFone)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: TracFone
Rating: 5/5
Nokia 2285 Prepaid Phone (TracFone)

The tracfones are good for people who don't require heavy cell phone usage. Basically you have to keep the phone active by buying month or year cards. If you run out of minutes then you have to buy more of those too. (...)
Product features:
Phone comes with a 10-unit airtime refill card, and charger
Simple-to-use navigation buttons and graphical screens
Large 5-line screen
Includes phone, charger and 10-unit prepaid card.

Product: Body Glove Prism Case for Nokia 3300 Series Phones, Transparent
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Body Glove
Rating: 5/5
Body Glove Prism Case for Nokia 3300 Series Phones, Transparent
The Prism case is one of the best cases I have ever used

This case by Body Glove provides excellent protection from scratches by covering the phone almost entirely. The plastic that covers the face of the phone does not interfere with the operation of the phone, and is much better quality than the plastic fronts on aftermarket leather cases. There are openings on the bottom of the case for access to a car cord /charger and a handsfree jack. The slim belt clip sturdy and large enough to fit almost any belt, or secure the phone in a pocket.This case is no bulkier than any leather case, and fits the 3390 as well as, if not better than, the OEM leather case that Nokia provides.
Overall, this is possibly the best case for the money that is available today.
Product features:
State-of-the-art translucent plastic
Slim and stylish
Protects phone from scratches, moisture
Fits standard and extended batteries
Compatible with Nokia 3300 series phones

Product: Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Logitech
Rating: 2/5
Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset
Not very comfortable

I like the fact that the headset eliminates wind noise, but it's not very comfortable to wear. It's either too loose and feels like it's going to fall off or it's too tight and hurts your ear.

Product features:
No additional phone dongle needed to enjoy 10 meters (30 feet) of range. It also works with your Bluetooth-compatible PC. And Bluetooth v1.2 gives you adaptive frequency hopping, quick connect time, and improved audio quality.
WindStop technology enables clear conversations in adverse conditions by reducing the disruptive effects of wind noise, including automobile air conditioners.
Rotating clip conveniently fits either ear, and lightweight soft foam ear pad stays comfortable even after long talk sessions.
Enjoy up to 7 hours of talk time or up to 250 hours of standby time between charges.
Call/answer button on the headset lets you conduct calls without having to pick up the phone. The Logitech Mobile Freedom Headset also supports several features built into many handsets, such as voice dialing, three-way calling, and m

Product: Audiovox 8610 Vox Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Virgin Mobile
Rating: 2/5
Audiovox 8610 Vox Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)

Seeing as how my motorcycle breaks down every time I try to go anywhere other than work, I decided it was time to pickup a cheap pay-as-you-go phone for emergencys and whatnot. My local bestbuy only had about 4 pay-as-you-go phones, and as this was the only one with a flip screen I grabbed it.

Reading the packaging it said full color custom graphics, downloadable ring tones, etc etc. The sales person gave me the impression I would be able to customize my phones display interface with graphics and screen savers. WRONG.

This phone comes with one cheesy screen saver, and 8 wallpapers that are even worse. The "coolest" wallpaper option was a bunch of little pink hearts. IM A MAN DAMNIT. GIVE ME SOME MANLY WALLPAPERS. Even having the option to choose a solid color would have made me 100% happier. But ohhh no, that's too much to ask for.

The ring tones are just great, great meaning crappy. 5 generic tones. I've had pagers that had 3 times as many tones. Sure you can buy new ones from VirginMobile at 2.50 a pop, but even at full volume you cant hear it if your phones in your pocket and you are anywhere there is any sort of noise.

I can't speak for service yet, as I just brought the thing home, but I am pretty disapointed with the features available. I would have been better off making a security deposit and just going with a full-plan with a better phone.

No wallpapers isn't really that big of a deal, but had I known that I would never have bought the phone. Could have got something better for around the same price or a little more.
Product features:
Works with Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go service
Stylish flip-open format
Full color screen for optimum display
Comes with Superphonic ringtones and downloadable ringtones
Enables text-messaging, custom graphics, and more

Product: Virgin Mobile $20 Top-Up Card
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Virgin Mobile
Rating: 1/5
Virgin Mobile $20 Top-Up Card
where do you put the card?

I couldn't find a slot for the card in the phone and they don't accept this card at the grocery store.
Product features:
Good for $20.00 worth of airtime
Calls are 25 cents a minute for the first ten minutes each day, each minute after that 10 cents
Voicemail is included; so when you check your messages from your cell phone, you only pay for airtime
No monthly bills, no long distance fees, and no roaming charges
No activation fee or credit check

Product: Jabra FreeSpeak BT250 Bluetooth Headset
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Jabra
Rating: 3/5
Jabra FreeSpeak BT250 Bluetooth Headset
Poor belt clip design

I don't have much to say about the 250 other than to point out the really poor design of the belt clip/charger. The 250 is supposed to click into this holder (which connects to the power adaptor for charging). This holder is designed to clip onto your belt so that you can carry the 250 when is is not in use. Okay, I agree that you will look extremely nerdy if you have your phone AND your earpiece hanging from your belt but sometimes you need to put the things away and the Freespeak 250 is really too fragile to carry in your pocket. The only problem with this is that the 250 will easily fall out of the holder and if you use it you WILL lose it. It is only a matter of time. My 250 lasted about 45 seconds and when I went to get it from the belt clip it was GONE. Not the holder but the 250 itself. Some lucky stiff at the Houston airport picked it up and walked away.

I also thought that the 250 was not well made. When I would push the on/off or volume buttons I could feel the housing "give" a little, as if the buttons were about to collapse into the housing. A little too flimsy and not indication of a long life expectancy for the earpiece.

I suggest that you consider another alternative - at $90 the 250 is simply overpriced.
Product features:
Wireless, cord free, lightweight Bluetooth headset offers best design and performance
Works up to 33 feet away from phone, 8 hour talk time, 240-hour/10-day standby time
Comfortable secure fit, superior audio quality, weighs less than 1 ounce
Multi-function button - Supports voice-activated dialing and answer/end commands in most phones
Works in either ear, two size MiniGels (standard and small) included for superior sound clarity

Product: Sony Ericsson T610 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Ericsson
Rating: 5/5
Sony Ericsson T610 Phone (T-Mobile)
Great phone

This is a great phone, with a great look and great functionality. The only downside is in direct and bright sunlight - the screen is very difficult to see. Other than that; it has an outstanding battery life, huge memory, useful versitility, compact size, a nice screen, and a very stylish body.
Product features:
Large 128x160 pixel 65.000 color screen
MMS for composing messages using images, sounds and text
Supports Java and Mophun platforms for the widest range of mobile games and applications
Supports Bluetooth, infrared and cable for PC synchronization
With a built-in 319 x 288 pixel camera and QuickShare software

Product: Nokia 3650 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 5/5
Nokia 3650 Phone (T-Mobile)
Wow what a phone

Now the 3650 works with the Macs Isync program for transfering your contacts. It will also work with the Macs bluetooth. I got the phone and love it. I go online through the phone on my Mac G4 Powerbook with a Dlink USB Bluetooth adaptor. Its takes some work with your providers tech support to tweek the settings but it works great after that. If your having problemes with your Mac make sure you have the new versions of Bluetooth and Isync downloaded. Have fun.
Product features:
Wireless phone with integrated video/digital camera
3.4 MB on board storage, MultiMediaCard expansion slot
Oversized display for MP4 video playback
High-speed internet access, supports Java-based downloads
Integrated Bluetooth connectivity for data transmission to other Bluetooth devices

Product: PCS Phone Samsung VGA1000 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 5/5
PCS Phone Samsung VGA1000 (Sprint)
Simply the best

I've been a sprint subcriber for several years now and I usually buy LG phones. I was going to buy the sanyo 8100 until I saw this model and then read the review and all the tech info on it. All I have to say is that this is the best phone I ever owned. I didn't realize all the features it had until I brought it home and started to play with it. What a big improvement over my last phone which I thought was a great phone also but it doesn't compare. Lots of features, clear displays, fast net, long battery life excellent reception, I haven't had one drop call yet. Best of all it doesn't look like a camera phone because of the location of the camera. I highly recommend this phone.
Product features:
This tri-mode CDMA phone comes with a large color display that supports 65,000 colors
Comes with integrated camera with flash
Equipped with voice activated dailing
Supports wireless Internet (WAP 2.0) and text messaging
Phone book can carry up to 250 contacts

Product: Audiovox 8910 Flasher V7 Blue Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Virgin Mobile
Rating: 5/5
Audiovox 8910 Flasher V7 Blue Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)
AudioVox ?Virgin Mobie V7 Flasher Phone

Hey This is Justin Hiebeler and I am a Virgin Mobile Insider my User Name is MiCro1. Anyway I have a V7 Flasher and it is great I just buy minutes when ever needed, being that I dont use the phone a lot. I like being on virgin mobile because unlike T Mobile text messages sent to you dont charge you, if you were on t mobile looking at a text message someone sends you counts as on. The V7 flasher is a quality camera flip-phone and I recommend it to any one who is buying a VM phone.

Product features:
Built-in camera with flash
Opens with a flip
Full-color screen
Superphonic (real music) ringtones
Two-way speakerphone

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PalmOne Tungsten E2 Handheld
PalmOne Zire 31 Handheld
PalmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager
Franklin Speaking 11th Collegiate Dictionary
Fossil Abacus AU5005 Wrist PDA with Palm OS - Black
PalmOne Tungsten E Handheld
PalmOne Zire 72 Special Edition Handheld Silver
PalmOne P10952U 802.11 Wi-Fi SDIO Card for Tungsten T3 and Zire 72
HP iPAQ RX3115 Pocket PC

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Belkin Pro Series USB 2.0 Device Cable (USB A/USB B, 10 Feet)
Belkin F3U133-06 USB Device Cable (6 FT)
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Belkin F3U133-16 USB 2.0 A/B Cable (16 Feet)
Belkin F3U134-10 USB A/A Extension Cable; 10ft
Nikon UC-E6 Replacement USB Cable for Coolpix 2100, 2200, 3100, 3200, 4200, 5200, 8400 & 8800 Digital Cameras
Apple iPod Dock Connector-to-FireWire-and-USB 2.0 Cable (Windows PC Only)
Sima CT-2 Video Signal Processor
Monster Cable iSplitter for iPod and PowerBook
Monster Cable iCable for iPod

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Nokia 9500 SuperClass Unlocked GSM SmartPhone (Bluetooth/WiFi)
Plantronics Audio 90 Multimedia Stereo PC Headset
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Motorola MD671 5.8GHz Cordless Speakerphone/Caller ID
VTech ip5850 5.8 GHz DSS Cordless Phone with Dual Handsets and Digital Answering System
Cardo Systems scala-500 Bluetooth Headset
Panasonic KX-TCA60 Headset
New BLACK Motorola MPX220 UNLOCKED GSM Smart Phone
Panasonic KX-TG5422M 5.8 GHz DSS Cordless Phone with Dual Handsets
Logitech 980158-0403 Internet Chat Headset

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