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Product: Audiovox 8500 Vox Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Virutex
Rating: 5/5
Audiovox 8500 Vox Phone (Virgin Mobile)
answer to the question

hey-i checked out th site and the coverage is the same as the sprint pcs coverage.
Product features:
No prepaid minutes included. Comes with battery and charger
Seven changeable backlight display colors to match your mood
External Caller ID Display: know who's calling without opening your phone
2-way text messaging, 1-touch and voice dialing
Charger included for powering up

Product: Motorola V600 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 4/5
Motorola V600 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
For a technophobe...and without the AT&T Probs

My exp with a V600 is more about the phone than the service provider. I only use my phone to receive messages and make a few, I don't browse or download data but I might start emailing when overseas. I chose the Motorola because it's quadband and has Bluetooth. So far I'm impressed: the ring is loud; the pictures large and clear, the sound clear. *I* like a larger phone so I can *feel* it and my clumsy fingers can manage the keypad. I don't want/need fancy ringtones, wallpaper etc. I don't talk that much so the battery life has been fine yesterday and today (however, I miss it telling me when the battery's charged!). I haven't had any dropping out problems so I'm going to assume it's the provider (?).

For Aussies: In Australia the phone is *free* with a 24 month $AUD30 plan (Telstra includes $30 free phone calls per month and 140 mintues free calls per week;free Bluetooth, USB cabale, software and WAP account). I upgraded because I thought it would be fun to send photos to emails while on holidays. When I called the operator to hook me up, she took me step by step through the process-- you have to register witha free email at Telstra and then she sends the code for your phone. Please call on landline so you can SEE the numbers and punch them in (doh!).

I'm reserving the fifth star until I fully work out the menus and the phonebook. I'll be setting up (?) phone book tomorrow--my only complaint so far is I miss the old Motorola charger because the adaptor was international (ie Aus & US) and really well designed and I can't use my old one :( Lastly, who writes these manuals, while some things are repeated twice, there is a huge gap in others?--luckily Telstra has great support).
Product features:
Use the colorful customizable external display to identify specific calling groups and events.
VGA camera with 4x digital zoom, large 65,000 color display supports video playback
Integrated Bluetooth for wireless data connectivity, quad band operation allows use on GSM networks worldwide
5MB internal memory to support downloadable applications, MP3 ringtones, wallpapers, and photo storage
Handset comes with mono earbud, mid-rate charger, and battery

Product: Nokia 3595 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 1/5
Nokia 3595 Phone (T-Mobile)
Junk, junk, junk

I received my Nokia 3595 through T-Mobile... it has been nothing but a problem. First, and most annoying, is the fact that the SIM card slips out of place. Trust me, it's inserted correctly. But sometimes, I will try to use the phone and it will say "insert valid sim card." I will then have to remove the back cover and battery to wiggle the card. Then, I have to re-insert the battery, put the cover back on, and reset the time and date -- lost due to the fact that I removed the battery. I even used scotch tape to hold it in place. Nope, didn't work.

This phone has the audio quality of two tin cans tied together with a string. The mouth piece is on the bottom, and it picks up a tremendous amount of ambient room noise. I sometimes have to cover the mouth piece to hear what the other person is saying. Or I turn the phone around and speak right into the bottom -- so they can hear what I am saying in a loud room.

Not to mention, the layout of the keys can make for difficult typing. Four numbers (2&5, 8&0) are shared on two keys, and the rocker mechanism for the two keys does not always work correctly.

This phone is a piece of junk. As soon as my replacement arrives, I may drive over my Nokia with the car.
Product features:
Large color screen supports 4096 colors (96x65 pixels)
Send and receive messages with image, sound and text
Synchronize your phone book, calendar and to-do list with your PC using SyncML over WAP
Phone book stores up to 500 contacts, with up to 5 numbers and 3 text entries per contact
Personalize your phone with 8 different color schemes

Product: Siemens S66 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Siemens
Rating: 4/5
Siemens S66 Phone (Cingular)
^^i promise i know as much as kyle

The siemens s66....where do i start? over the last year i have had many different phones, an lg vx6000, a sanyo 8200, a nokia 3200, a motorola v505, a motorola mpx200 and 220, a samsung e315, and the lg 1100...this phone is by far the best. i was very skeptical about it. the reason being that i am an indirect dealer of 2 carriers that carry siemens phones, i have sold te cf62t, the c61, the ct66, the m56, etc....their phones always seemed so flimsy to me. so i spent some time trying to decide between the s66, the nokia 6230, and the nokia 6620. my deciding factors were: screen size (atleast 3 times the size of the 6230), the size of the phone itself (looks big but doesn't bother me in the least bit), and reviews. this phone got great reviews. to top it all off my roommate (kyle--see above) won this phone from siemens. so after playing with his i came to a decision. and i haven't been happier.

the quality of this phone is great. the sound is superb and the functionality is above average. out of all my phones i've always made sure (atleast with the last few of my phones) that they had speakerphone, the sound on the speakerphone on the s66 is great. you can hear perfectly and the person on the other end can as well. the menu system on the phone is one of the best i've seen...its very similar to that of the sony ericsson t610/616. very easy to use while still compacting a lot of functions. the battery life is mediocre. i use my phone quite a bit. about an hour of talking a day, probably half an hour to 45 minutes of games (the games on this phone are great). the camera usually one a day atleast. and i can usually have it last all day. not a problem for me because i charge my phone every night anyway. i did decide though that it was smart to invest in a car charger for this phone for those long days when my battery would be dwindling before i am ready to charge it.

now on to the features! the 1.3 megapixel camera is easily the best camera i've seen on a phone. to those people that complain about camera quality on phones.....c'mon....its a phone. my only complaint with the camera is how easy dust gets on the lens. i usually have to clean it out every few days (though its not hard to clean at all). the video function is also the best i've seen yet. running at 15 frames per second. its not nearly as choppy and unclear as the samsung e315 or the nokia 6620. i actually tend to use the video portion alot since it is a good quality video.

the bluetooth has been great so far. i haven't gotten to use a headset or my laptop with it yet. and from what i've read (and this is pure rumor) i heard that it will not recognize a bluetooth adapter on a laptop. it will only recognize it if its built in. (kind of a bummer because my laptop doesnt have bluetooth built in). i have however used it for transfering files between my phone and my girlfriends t610. great speeds on transfers and very easy to use. i've noticed the bluetooth does not run the battery down much either which isn't the case with other phones (v505).

one of the best things about this phone is its abundance of organizer features including: calendar, appointments, tasks, notes, missed appts, voice recording, alarm clock (works very well), calculator, stop watch, countdown, etc...also in the applications is a survival dictionary. which basically translates key phrases into tons of different languages. not very useful for me....but if your in another country this would be great. kinda fun to play with too lol.

the phones memory is amazing. the phone comes with 11 mb built in which on medium resolution can store roughly 500 pictures. it also comes with a 32mb rs-mmc card which is amazing for saving videos and pictures. i don't know that i will ever run out of memory. my only complaint on memory is that it isn't shared. the 11mb is on there specifically for pictures, sounds, games, has no effect on things like the inbox. my text message inbox (and outbox) holds about 70 texts each. when you do 4000 a month like i do you tend to clear the inbox and outbox quite a bit. i have yet to find a phone that had much more than that capacity on it though.

the contacts list is great. it not only does multiple numbers for each name but gives a spot for their address, email address, birthday, and a spot to insert a picture for picture id (which works very well by the way).

there are a few bugs in the software. they can get a little irritating but after owning a motorola are definitely a breath of fresh air and really aren't bad at all. occasionally (usually while playing a game) the phone will freeze for a moment and then turn off. also now and then when i try to start up the camera it will say application error and i will have to restart the phone for the camera to work. again these things do not happen very often. every phone tends to have bugs so its not really a big deal.

my favorite thing about this phone is how much you can do with it...i find myself playing with this phone constantly where as with my other phones there really wasn't much to do. this phone is packed full of features and well worth the price. my recommendation is this...if you are looking for a basic phone, something very simple to use, if you are not very technologically a nokia. if you are into features, and enjoy playing around with your phone then this is definitely the phone for you.
Product features:
Elegant design with large color display and high quality finish
Integrated 1.3 megapixel camera with integrated video recorder and media player - capture, download and play your own video clips
Up to 32 MB RS MultiMediaCard Included
Multimedia messaging, text and instant messaging
Wireless synchronization and communication via BlueTooth technology or infrared

Product: Motorola V300 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 5/5
Motorola V300 Phone (T-Mobile)
Choosing Family Plans and Amazon Rebates Validity

You can read about how to receive a family plan after purchasing a
phone from at: 72828
<br />
You can order a phone and service plan from, and then
once you receive the phone you can change the service plan to a
family plan with your service provider.

If you are interested in a family plan through T-Mobile, you will
need to contact T-Mobile after receiving your phone in order to
update your service agreement. Doing so should not incur any
additional fees and will not disqualify you from any of the
accompanying rebates.

Product features:
Tri-band GSM capability
Large color display features 65,000 colors
Built-in VGA camera with zoom
Supports text messaging and wireless Internet (WAP 2.0)
Comes with 35 ringtones and supports MIDI and MP3 formats

Product: Sony Ericsson T637 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Rating: 5/5
Sony Ericsson T637 Phone (Cingular)
Every day gets better with this phone

Hi - this is a great phone. Bluetooth syncs with my mac perfectly. All functions I need are available intuitively and easily. It's the details with this phone that I love: the rounded buttons which allow even my huge hands to type with ease, the strong construction, the bright (and great in sunlight) TFT screen, the ability for it to use my calling cards and enter the numbers for me, the SMS and data counters, the "post-it" notes feature, the alarm, the games.The big stuff - RF and sound are great. Battery life I have found to be good (they clam something like 300 hours in the specs - but I would say more like 150 - still this is pretty good). The camera is only decent - but I don't consider this a big deal - its for fun and it achieves that goal fine. The menus are fast and access to numbers is easy.The phone is small and stylish, is smaller than my old T720 - if you include the antenna which you must! (ouch!).Obviously you can pay more and get better phones - but for the great price its selling for now (net $50 return with new 1yr contract), I don't think you can go wrong, especially if you want a candy-bar of luck!
Product features:
The T637 features a high-resolution screen with 65,536 colors
With a built-in camera, you take pictures and store them on your computer or send them to friends all in a few simple steps
Supports the Java and Mophun platforms, making the widest range of mobile games and applications available for you to download
Update your calendar and transfer files to your computer using Bluetooth, infrared, or USB connections
Comes with standard battery and a SIM card

Product: Sony Ericsson T226 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Rating: 2/5
Sony Ericsson T226 Phone (Cingular)
Ericsson T226 poor sound and reception

I previously had a samsung, while living in the same location which had far better sound and reception than does the ericsson.
Product features:
The T226 is a small, slim dual-band GSM phone with an internal antenna
Access cellphone-enabled web sites with high-speed GPRS wireless internet protocal
Supports FastForward automatic forwarding service for sending all wireless calls to home or office number
Send SMS two-way text messages or use EMS or MMS for enhanced multimedia messages
Comes with Li-Ion battery and Sim card

Product: Samsung E715 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 5/5
Samsung E715 Phone (T-Mobile)
Great phone

There are as always, people here writing reviews complaining about silly problems that are usually the result of their own incompetence. This phone is great, as is T-Mobile coverage. It looks great, you get 2 screens (an OLED on the front). You can use the front OLED screen as a camera viewfinder by holding down the camera button for a few seconds. The LED flash is only useful close up, but the actual flashlight feature is very useful. A few weeks ago I was biking in a forest trail, and I underestimated the length of the trail. I was out there when it started getting dark.. bottom line, when it was dark I used the flashlight to light up the forest. It did a good job. Anyways, Samsung's OS is great and easy to use. It is the simplest and most logical menu system, with Motorola's being the worst. The phone is also very thin and has no antenna. I don't even notice when the phone is in my pocket. The ringtones are loud enough. Battery life is fine for me.. I charge every other night basically. Why do people need 4 day battery life? Is it that hard to charge while you sleep at night? The only problem I have is that the LCD's contrast fluctuates on its own for some reason. It gets washed out then goes back a few days later. I am going to call TMobile and ask for a replacement, but it's not a big deal. Also, I don't like the loud sound played when you take a picture. It can't be disabled. The IRDA is useful when used with easyGPRS software (available online). I use it to download my pictures, and also to upload my own wallpaper. It was also useful when I first got the phone -- I was able to type my phonebook entries on the computer quickly then upload them to the phone, without dealing with tedious phone typing.
Product features:
Large LCD color screen feature 65,000 colors (128x160 pixels)
Built-In VGA camera with 640x480 resolution, flash, and self-timer
Equipped with mobile Internet and text messaging
Supports 40-chord polyphonic ringtones
Download ringtones, wallpaper, and games

Product: palmOne Treo 650 PDA Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: PalmOne
Rating: 5/5
palmOne Treo 650 PDA Phone (Cingular)

I received the TREO 650 a few days ago and it's been working great. I figured out everything in one weekend (you don't have to follow it word for word, ya know).
I purposely did NOT get Cingulars Data package, because Wi-Fi devices will be coming out very shortly. Why pay them for something that shoule be free?
Product features:
Fully integrated phone and PDA with digital video and camera capabilities
Integrated Bluetooth technology
Vibrant 320 x 320 touchscreen display
Backlit QWERTY keyboard
Email access to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 using VersaMail

Product: PCS Phone Samsung A460 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 3/5
PCS Phone Samsung A460 (Sprint)
Works well except one thing:screen goes dead in about a year

Overall, I am satisfied with A460 phone. It's easy to use, light and small. Picks up call well. But there is one problem, and I've seen a lot of complains about it. I have used two A460 phones in two years, both showed exactly the same end: screen goes dead while the phone is working. All happened at about after 12 months use(just be out of warranty). Once power off then back on, the screen is OK for a while. Then it goes blank, especailly after fliping the phone. Sprint and Samsung acknowlodged this is a known problem. Wish Samsung hasn't carried this problem into other phones, because we really like Samsung's phone: light-weight, stylish and does the job well......
Product features:
External display shows incoming call phone numbers
Compact design with slim profile
Large screen displays up to 8 lines of text, 4 shades of grayscale
Supports downloadable ringers, images, and wallpapers
Full width keypad supports larger buttons, allows easy operation

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