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Unbelievable value
Unbelievably Powerfull Tool-Excellent phone reception
Use Treo 300 as a wireless Internet for your Laptop
Unique phone, thats packed with featues, and more.
U Don't need this phone if U already use the AT&T network!!

Product: Siemens S46 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: AT&T Wireless
Rating: 5/5
Siemens S46 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Great phone...

I had this phone for over a year and abolutely loved it! Very easy to use. Great phone for anyone!
Product features:
Single-band GSM phone
High-Speed internet connection using GPRS technology
Custom faceplates and ringtones
Up to 180 minutes' digital talk time, 200 hours' digital standby time
Includes lithium-ion or NIMH battery, charger, and headset

Product: PCS Phone Samsung VGA1000 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 5/5
PCS Phone Samsung VGA1000 (Sprint)

I like this little phone. Yes the quality of the pictures is poor and it is difficult to see in the daylight. You can download free ringers and games at Once I personalized the phone using this site I was much happier.
Product features:
This tri-mode CDMA phone comes with a large color display that supports 65,000 colors
Comes with integrated camera with flash
Equipped with voice activated dailing
Supports wireless Internet (WAP 2.0) and text messaging
Phone book can carry up to 250 contacts

Product: Samsung A610 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Verizon Wireless
Rating: 5/5
Samsung A610 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
great phone

great reception, great screen, good sound, long lasting battery,
attractive, always 5 bar service, previous reviewer on drugs.
5 stars or 6 if were possible.
Product features:
Rich color quality, multiple camera functionalities and photo caller ID,
Animated, icon menu provides a simplified visual user interface
Voice memo, voice dialing and voice recognition
128 x 160 graphic display that doubles as Caller ID screen and camera display
Unique flip display design

Product: Motorola V66 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 5/5
Motorola V66 Phone (T-Mobile)
How the phone turns out

I've always wanted this phone for a long time and I finally got it. One of the main reasons why I've always wanted this phone is the fact that it's probably one of THE lightest phone in the market - it's only 2.8 ounces - it's very convenient to carry around even in your shirt pocket.As for the quality of the phone, I'd give it a 4 out of 5 when it comes to overall features and functionality. This phone has all the "techie features" like the other more expensive models, such as a built-in modem, and is able to use the internet with your laptop (with a data cable from the V66 to your laptop) if you have an ISP (free) - using your phone as a modem, wirelessly. I also like the way the phonebook is setup; it's very easy to navigate. Actually, most of the menus are very easy to navigate compared to the other phones I've used before. I also find the LCD screen to be very clear and sharp. And, of course, the T-zones internet capability from T-Mobile is very nice. You can use a "microbrowser" to, for example, check movie showings in theaters near you, or check weather in your town, U.S. News/World News, Sports scores, or even send a quick e-mail to a friend, etc.The only downside I found in this phone is the fact that you CANNOT download any ringtones to it. The only ringtones you can use are the ones that are included in the phone (32 ring/vibrate), or the ones that you can *create*. If you are a real musician, or familiar with musical notes, you shouldn't have a problem creating ringtones ;-) Another downside, is, of course, the fact that it's not a colored phone.Other than those complaints I have above, I love this phone!
Product features:
Voice activated dialing
Internet ready with optional T-Zones service
32 different ringer options
Phone Book holds up to 500 entries
Includes phone, AC charger, and earbud

Product: Motorola V710 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Verizon Wireless
Rating: 4/5
Motorola V710 Phone (Verizon Wireless)

First, I must say, that as a avid user of T-Mobile's Sidekick 2, Sprint PCS' Samsung VGA1000 and Verizon's Samsung n330, that I am superbly amazed and duely impressed with the functions and serious personalization of the Motorola v710. It seems like everything down to the color of the display can be adjusted to your liking. Every menu item seems to have numerous sub-menu items for even more in-depth customizations. This phone allows you to customize your shortcuts for easier access, where other phones have limited applications that can be used as shortcuts. The phone books capacity is excellent it can hold 500 contacts with multiple entries(for those of who read the manual or toyed around with the phone Not to mention the sound quality on this device is excellent. It plays MP3 either on the speaker or through headphones(another very cool factor). The obvious things that come with this phone like video recording and camera functions are average and nothing to really call home about. The speakerphone is flawless and my favorite part is that you can do everything voice-related(even memos and voice dialing-another great feature) and it's really clear faraway and obviously upclose. This phone is really user-friendly and allows for quick access to features that you will most likely use while driving such as the right side one-push voice menu for voice dialing or the left side speakerphone button. Also, this phone(with the additional purchase of a data cable and Cd-Rom) can be used as a modem for laptops and has Bluetooth capabilities for wireless Bluetooth enabled headsets. On top of that, you can upload MP3's to an Transflash SD card and actually listen to them on your phone-how cool is that? ******Also, for those of us who couldn't figure out how to turn the volume of the ringer down and up without opening the carefully: Press the left volume key up/down with the flip closed and your ringer setting should appear instead of the clock(ex. "Loud", "Soft"), next press the little button below it and voila!!! You are now changing ur ringer settings. How cool is that and thanks to the manual for not telling us this trick!******

My only qualms about this phone is that I haven't figured out exactly how to change my external display, if that's even a possibility. Also, I tried emailing-texting myself MP3 attachments only to find that I can't download them(most likely Verizon's doing). Other than that, I love this phone and its a true powerhouse. The battery lasts pretty long and my calls are clear and its very sleek looking. Alot of people say the phone is bulky but I disagree especially after owning a Sidekick 2.
If you're looking for a phone that does it all go and get this phone because it's a maniac(in a good way)!!!
Product features:
Integrated 1.2 megapixel camera, video capture and playback
Integrated MP3 player
Integrated Bluetooth for hands-free, eyes-free talking
Integrated speakerphone
Buit-in 10 MB memory and SD-compatible removable memory slot

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PalmOne Tungsten E2 Handheld
PalmOne Zire 31 Handheld
PalmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager
Franklin Speaking 11th Collegiate Dictionary
Fossil Abacus AU5005 Wrist PDA with Palm OS - Black
PalmOne Tungsten E Handheld
PalmOne Zire 72 Special Edition Handheld Silver
PalmOne P10952U 802.11 Wi-Fi SDIO Card for Tungsten T3 and Zire 72
HP iPAQ RX3115 Pocket PC

TopSellers at Amazon - Cables and Interconnectors

Belkin Pro Series USB 2.0 Device Cable (USB A/USB B, 10 Feet)
Belkin F3U133-06 USB Device Cable (6 FT)
Belkin F3N401-06-ICE IEEE 1394 4-Pin/6-Pin 400 Mbps FireWire Cable (6 Feet)
Belkin F3U133-16 USB 2.0 A/B Cable (16 Feet)
Belkin F3U134-10 USB A/A Extension Cable; 10ft
Nikon UC-E6 Replacement USB Cable for Coolpix 2100, 2200, 3100, 3200, 4200, 5200, 8400 & 8800 Digital Cameras
Apple iPod Dock Connector-to-FireWire-and-USB 2.0 Cable (Windows PC Only)
Sima CT-2 Video Signal Processor
Monster Cable iSplitter for iPod and PowerBook
Monster Cable iCable for iPod

TopSellers at Amazon - Office Phones

Nokia 9500 SuperClass Unlocked GSM SmartPhone (Bluetooth/WiFi)
Plantronics Audio 90 Multimedia Stereo PC Headset
Motorola MD681 5.8GHz Cordless Speakerphone w/Answering System/Caller ID
Motorola MD671 5.8GHz Cordless Speakerphone/Caller ID
VTech ip5850 5.8 GHz DSS Cordless Phone with Dual Handsets and Digital Answering System
Cardo Systems scala-500 Bluetooth Headset
Panasonic KX-TCA60 Headset
New BLACK Motorola MPX220 UNLOCKED GSM Smart Phone
Panasonic KX-TG5422M 5.8 GHz DSS Cordless Phone with Dual Handsets
Logitech 980158-0403 Internet Chat Headset

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Edge transceiver takes Polar Impact (CommsDesign)
LG to produce 20 mn handsets by 2010 (CIOL)
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