Gsm mobile phone related reviews

Product: Motorola V400 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 5/5
Motorola V400 Phone (Cingular)
Phone has more features than advertised

I recommended this phone to my price-sensitive friends and family members, but chose to buy the V600 for myself because I wanted 4x zoom and web access. Both phones have this functionality. The V400 has a larger phonebook than the V600. The only benefit that the V600 provides is that it has Bluetooth functionality... if you need that feature. It is also a slightly more attractive phone. The V600 looks a bit too oblong. They are essentially the same shape, but the lines on the V600 create an illusion of clunkiness, whereas the the textured finish of the V400 is more refined... sort of like a Cadillac versus a BMW. Both have great reception and take great pictures. Both are easy to navigate. However, both are somewhat sluggish to respond when quickly scrolling through the phonebook. This effect is somewhat mitigated if you switch from "icons" to "list", but the sluggishness is a problem with the phone's memory/processor/software/whatever. Another complaint I have is that it doesn't have the full set of TAP Extended characters in the alphabet. For example, it doesn't contain Scandinavian letters such as "A" with a circle over it ("AA"), "A" with an umlaut ("AE"), or "O" with an umlaut (OE). It seems to have all the other TAP extended characters (eg: "I" with umlaut, "U" with umlaut, "AE", "OE", "C" with squiggly thing underneath, "N" with tilda, vowels with accents in both directions, "Euro" & "Yen" symbols, etc.). My only other complaint has to do with Cingular Wireless. Their voicemail system sucks! You are forced to enter your password EVERYTIME you call, even from your mobile handset. T-Mobile didn't require this. The transition from T-Mobile to Cingular was a snap by calling Cingular's Number Porting specialists (888-898-7685). However, until they get the voicemail thing figured out, I recommend you stay with your other carrier. T-Mobile and Cingular (at least until recently) share(d) mobile towers and coverage is identical. When AT&T's network comes onboard in October, the coverage area should increase.
Product features:
Tri-band GSM phone is notable for its high-resolution display, VGA camera, and MP3 ringtones
Camera features 5MB of memory, self-timer, saves images for Picture Caller id
Large 65,000 color primary display for Internet browsing, game playing (Prince of Persia included)
External caller id display for call screening, phone book with 1000 entry capacity
Ringtone support MIDI and MP3 formats, as well as built-in MotoMixer ringtone composer

Product: Nokia 6610 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 4/5
Nokia 6610 Phone (T-Mobile)
Value for money

The phone has some good features and is very nice to play with. But unfortunately, the sound is not good. I had the same experience as the customer who posted on 7/29/03. When making calls, there's this hissing sound at the background, very disturbing. Same problem with the speaker. Also, I had to adjust the volumn to the loudest in order to hear it at a normal level.
Not sure why so many people give it five stars. Maybe I'm just unlucky to get a bad phone. I've returned it.
Product features:
New color screen with the "classic" Nokia 6000 series style
Mobile Internet capability
Includes polyphonic ringtones, speakerphone, and an integrated stereo FM radio
Phone book capacity for 300 contacts
Receive messages with image, sound, and text

Product: Kyocera Slider V5 MTV Edition Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Virgin Mobile
Rating: 5/5
Kyocera Slider V5 MTV Edition Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Cool gadget of the season!

The new Slide V5 phone is the perfect gift for this holiday season. It's super-cool and super-useful. It's a bit pricey, but where else can you get a slide phone with color screen, excelent voice clarity, four enjoyable games (including Tetris and Brick Attack!), MTV content, and the best stylish design on a cell phone? Of course if you are looking for a phone for your mom you'd save money with the Rave phone, also for Virgin. But if your girlfriend or boyfriend wants the latest super-cool phone, this is the one to get. She/he/you will just have so much fun with it. Of course I do wish it were a bit cheaper, even when Virgin gives you $15 starter time when you activate the phone online.In short, this is not cheap, but it's way cool, and if you don't make many phone calls, this saves you money in the long run.
Product features:
No prepaid minutes included. Comes with charger.
Unique sliding design - phone slides open with the push of a thumb
Full-color screen
Downloadable, polyphonic ringtones and vibrate alert
2-way text messaging, 1-touch and voice dialing

Product: Sony Ericsson T610 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Ericsson
Rating: 2/5
Sony Ericsson T610 Phone (T-Mobile)

I'm fascinated with the phone, it's better than I thought.. The camera quality is not so good, but it exists and that's fine for me :)
The battery is powerful! I've charged my phone 3 days ago and the battery indicator is near 35%! (And I use it ALL the time !)I've experienced some lockups but I've found in internet that it fixes with a firmware update, so if you have this problem, go to a sony ericsson service and ask for a firmware update..
Product features:
Large 128x160 pixel 65.000 color screen
MMS for composing messages using images, sounds and text
Supports Java and Mophun platforms for the widest range of mobile games and applications
Supports Bluetooth, infrared and cable for PC synchronization
With a built-in 319 x 288 pixel camera and QuickShare software

Product: Samsung E715 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 5/5
Samsung E715 Phone (T-Mobile)
Samsung E715 alternative.

I do like this phone alot, theres only a couple of things i would like better for this price.*The front led screen is missleading cause preview pics for this phone never show you a picture that the front screen does not have picture caller id, like alot of other phones for this price. it looks old timey analog.*And the only other thing is the ring tones cant be changed per person you have calling you. even my last $100.00 phone had that function.the only reason i havent exchanged it, well tmobile doesnt exactly have the most beautiful phones on their site.
and unless i just totally missed those parts in the manual, im kind of upset about it. i really care about those 2 things.
Product features:
Large LCD color screen feature 65,000 colors (128x160 pixels)
Built-In VGA camera with 640x480 resolution, flash, and self-timer
Equipped with mobile Internet and text messaging
Supports 40-chord polyphonic ringtones
Download ringtones, wallpaper, and games

Product: Nokia 3650 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 4/5
Nokia 3650 Phone (T-Mobile)
Review after 1 year of use - Good phone with bad ringer vol.

I am writing this after close to a year long of use. The only reason I bought this was - it was FREE :-) and comes with Bluetooth and IR. Now let us go to the review.As a phone - reception is exceptional, BT works great, screen resolution is mind-blowing. Phone book is very detailed and good. Call logs are good. These are basics for any phone. For all these parameters, this phone stands apart EXCEPT the ringer volume - I will get to this later.Size - it is a big problem. I bought a holster, then an original case from Nokia and it doesnt work anyway. By the time I open the velcro flap to get the phone out and hit the talk button, the call goes to voice mail. So I abandoned using any case. This phone is a bulkier.Keypads - It looks different and great and especially at night, it is eyecatching but it is a pain to use. I use internet a lot via phone so it is more painful.Ringer - Like many mentioned, no matter how high you set, the sound is not enough. I have a tiny Motorola V66 that will drive you out of the house with its ringer volume! Workaround is to keep "Vibrate & Ring". In the car and mall keep "Outdoor" profile.Handset volume - I havent seen many complained about this. This is another nuisance. When you either send/receive calls and if you did not press any other key, you can adjust the volume. If you had pressed any options while calling some customer support, you can't. It took me a while to understand this funny behavior. Workaround is hit the "back" key to return to enable volume adjustment. Battery - Great. Never had problem. I turn on my BT all the time and works still fine.Screen size - I love the screen size. This is pretty much the size of my Tungsten T. Other features - Calendar, To-do etc., are as good as a PDA. You dont really need any PDA if you have this and setup an easier sync process. There is no "Auto-keylock" feature. This feature has been spread across two different features. Camera quality is ok. Dont expect too much from this one. Memory card feature is great. This helps you to transfer images back and forth to a computer. There are dozens of sites to offer wallpapers etc. I downloaded some utils/games for this phones for my son to play. This phone is great in most part except, size, ringer vol and handset vol. For a free phone, hey, you cant complain so much.Hope this helps
Product features:
Wireless phone with integrated video/digital camera
3.4 MB on board storage, MultiMediaCard expansion slot
Oversized display for MP4 video playback
High-speed internet access, supports Java-based downloads
Integrated Bluetooth connectivity for data transmission to other Bluetooth devices

Product: Motorola A630 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 4/5
Motorola A630 Phone (T-Mobile)
Fully functional, practical, but lacking in a few areas

I bought a v600 and a630 at the same time. Both are essentially the same phone, but the a630 is more for people who text message or write email a lot. I loved the v600 because of the functions, but because I write so many text messages, I found the a630 to be more my style.

A few things I found could be improved:
-AOL Instant Messenger is SMS based, not GPRS, which is T-Mobile's fault.
-The email function is very lacking, it took T-Mobile a while to help me out to set it up. The software only asks for email address and password and somehow automatically sets it up. I would rather have manual settings
-Larger memory space...5mb fills up FAST! Especially when I am texting multiple people at times. I have to empty the in/out message boxes constantly.
-No video playback. This is the largest difference between v600 and a630. No ability to watch mpeg4 movies. Both phones would benefit if there was video recording.
-No elemental lights. Would be more attractive with those cool multicolor lights! (ok ok ok, just needed something to gripe about)

Things I love about this phone:
-The size, this is the BEST QWERTY phone I have owned, because of the compact size. My Sidekick is now a paperweight because of this phone.
-Battery life. This thing stays charged! Can go through 2 full days of text messaging before needing a plug in. Talk time is pretty decent too.
-Bluetooth! Extremely easy to use, fast transfers, and lots of cool free ringers/apps.

Last comments:
If you like texting, get this phone. If you like the features of this phone, but dont need the keyboard, then get the v600.
Product features:
Tri-band GSM capability
Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology
Supports MMS, SMS, e-mail (POP3, SMTP, IMAP4), and instant messaging
Integrated VGA digital camera
Full QWERTY keyboard with 5-way navigation

Product: Nokia 3650 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 5/5
Nokia 3650 Phone (T-Mobile)
I love this phone

I did a lot of research on the phone before I bought it and my premonitions are realized. The phone, being packed with overwhelming function and gadgetry, is slow at times. In particular, from screen to screen when selecting a function. after playing with for a while you will feel like you're using a slow computer, where the programs takes a while to load up. I've only had for a couple days, so I havne't had a chance to try out all the functions yet. One concern I do have is how lint free the camera lense will remain. The phone can be taken apart easily for cleaning, but I think that'll only loosen the fitting and allow more dust and lint to get in. And yes - the dial pad WILL take some getting use to. If you just want a phone you can plug in, charge up, and be ready to go, this is probably not it. For its many functions will require a lot of setting up.
Product features:
Wireless phone with integrated video/digital camera
3.4 MB on board storage, MultiMediaCard expansion slot
Oversized display for MP4 video playback
High-speed internet access, supports Java-based downloads
Integrated Bluetooth connectivity for data transmission to other Bluetooth devices

Product: Motorola RAZR V3 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 4/5
Motorola RAZR V3 Phone (Cingular)
Thin, lightweight, and cute

I bought this phone earlier last year when it first came out. I have had it for almost an year now and I like it so far. I havn't had any problems with it at all. The phone itself is somewhat small (not the smallest phone out there) and thin. The programs included in the phone are adequate but not great. The phone also has a limited memory chip. You can only store so many files on the phone at a time. The sound is just okay. Although it does play mp3 files (so you can record you own ringtone), the ringtone always comes on 1/2 a second later when the phone starts to flash. The sound quality is acceptable but not fantastic--Motorola E398 is far more superior. I personally LOVE the programs that Motorola offers on their cell phones. They are far better than Nokia. The V3 uses mini USB to charge and to transfer files. Mini USB cords are used by many digital cameras and I happened to have one. So, I didn't have to buy additional accessory for the V3 phone and I could create my own background pictures and ringtone. Just download the Mobilephone tools. I had it with my other E398 phone so it worked perfectly. All in all, the phone is good but definitely not worth paying the full suggested retail prices. I only paid half the price though, so it is acceptable to me. I also have a comment about the 17 y.o. who also reviewed this phone. Your dropped call problem does NOT originate from the motorola phone itself. It's because of Cingular. I had them before and would NEVER get them again. My suggestion is to get an unlocked V3 and go with T-mobile =)
Product features:
Razor-thin aircraft aluminum case
Bluetooth wireless technology
MPEG4 video playback
Built-in speakerphone
Digital camera with 4x digital zoom

Product: Audiovox 8910 Flasher V7 Silver Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Virgin Mobile
Rating: 1/5
Audiovox 8910 Flasher V7 Silver Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Utterly worthless as a communications device

Unfortunately the ability to actually know you are receiving a call is a rather important feature and this phone is pitiful in that respect. The vibrating funtion is equally underpowered and virtually useless. If you need to be able to hear your phone ring in any place louder than a church look elsewhere. Do a quick check on the net and you will find this problem well documented by hundres of other users.

Product features:
Make some noise with this Camera Phone
Full-color screen
Opens with a flip
Superphonic (Real Music) Ringtones
Two-way speakerphone

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