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Product: Kyocera Slider V5 MTV Edition Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Virgin Mobile
Rating: 5/5
Kyocera Slider V5 MTV Edition Phone (Virgin Mobile)

I bought this phone at bestbuy last night after hearing about it on Virgin Mobile's website. I learned about Virgin's incredible pay-as-you-go deal on one of the articles on MSN, where they compared it against cingular and other pay-as-you-go providers. I was amazed at what virgin had to offer and have decided to get the "vox 8500" flip phone, but when I saw this phone was going to be available soon, I opted to wait a little bit longer. I checked out the reviews on circuit city's site and went to inspect the model phone myself. It wasn't available that night so the next day I went and got it from best buy. I had to ask for it tho because it wasn't on any of their display cases. I guess they figured it was too good to be out in the open and disuade buyers from buying the other phones with plans.The set-up was easy, they partially charged the battery so you can program it the moment you opened the package, which I think is a big plus especially for people like me who just can't wait for a phone to charge before you can use it. I actually bought this for my wife but I have to admit that I was more excited to fiddle with it! Activation couldn't be simpler and after less than 2 hours the phone was ready for use! It was simple to operate and the big full color screen with the help of the cursor key is very user friendly. I would glance at the user manual every now and then if I couldn't figure it out but most of the set-up commands and other preference settings was simple enough for you to find your way around.Voicemail had to be set-up from the cellphone by calling your own voicemail box. You have to do this the first time you set-up the voicemail feature of your phone which meant 3 minutes of wasted usage! but I guess it's worth it because once you've set it you can retrieve your voicemail from your home, office or any phone anyway which makes retrieval free! and since you don't have to use your phone to get to them no minutes are taken away from your precious pre-paid minutes!This phone have wallpapers, screensavers, exciting ringtones, vibrate alert and speaker phone function! YES it acts as a speakerphone ! lay it flat on it's back press the speaker phone button and hear your friends talk without putting it next to your ear! how cool is that! plus loads more of options and funcions.I like the fact that it has a scheduler (it's like a mini PDA) and I also like the way it stores numbers... you can asign a ringtone and an animated icon to a phone number, it lets you classify them as being personal, business or "other" friends allowing you to group and distinguish who is calling! you can also asign an icon to tell if it's a home, cell or pager number! so you don't need to put "cathy cell" all you have to put it "Cathy" and put a cellphone icon next to it. put "Cathy" next to a house icon and that means that the number stored is her home number!It also has this GPS locator which helps 911 or virgin mobile locate you incase of emergencies.Other features I've tried is the calculator, the "tip" calculator (for spliting lunch w/ friends), the stop watch, the timer and a few games. There's way too many functions on this little gadget to cover them all in one day. All I have to do now is teach my wife how to use it!This is one Incredible phone and Virgin's exceptional service only adds more flavor to this sweet deal! (they actually have live people who can talk to you in less than a minute of wait time)I strongly recommend this phone, but then again DON'T buy it ! that way I'll ... I mean only my wife will get to have the coolest phone !
Product features:
No prepaid minutes included. Comes with charger.
Unique sliding design - phone slides open with the push of a thumb
Full-color screen
Downloadable, polyphonic ringtones and vibrate alert
2-way text messaging, 1-touch and voice dialing

Product: LG VX8000 EV-DO Phone (Verizon Wireless)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Verizon Wireless
Rating: 5/5
LG VX8000 EV-DO Phone (Verizon Wireless)
a great phone

I'm a tech consultant who travels a lot and needs to be contactable by clients wherever I travel in the US, and also I needed a means to keep in touch with news, weather, sports and world events when traveling. This phone turned out to be the perfect solution.

Using Verizon's high-speed EV-DO network which has coverage in most major cities in the US, this phone can download "CNN To Go" 2 to 3 minute video & audio clips in 10 to 15 seconds, very fast for a mobile phone.

Additionally, the video quality on the 262K color LCD screen is just like watching a small LCD TV and the built-in stereo speakers produces outstanding sound quality. Using the stereo earphones that come with the phone, you can listen to video clips at restaurants and other public areas without disturbing the people next to you. For using the phone while driving, I recommend buying the Shure QSHB3 headset with the NoiseBlocker earphone and noise-canceling QuietSpot boom microphone, this headset provides good call quality while driving over noisy road surfaces.

Speaking of call quality... for the past year I've been using AT&T Wireless/Cingular service with a trusty and durable Nokia 6800 GSM phone. My first call on the VX8000 this week was a multi-way business conference call with several parties, and I've made this call many times with my old phone and service. I was amazed at the clarity of everyone's voices and even nuances that I never heard before on previous conference calls, like pages shuffling and whispers in the background. Many kudos to LG and the Verizon Network for enabling this level of call quality.

Regarding picture quality, this phone includes a 1.3 megapixel high resolution digital camera with the best photo quality of any cell phone I've seen to date, the quality of daylight photos compare nicely to photos I've taken with a Nikon 3700 digital camera.

Regarding customer service, the reason I called Verizon was because I was with AT&T Wireless/Cingular and I called their customer service line (611 from phone) to ask a question about my plan. After aggravatingly trying to navigate their voice recognition menu on their automated "customer service" (what a misnomer) line which never did understand my voice requests (perhaps I was cursing too much after a while ;-), and then navigating several levels of menus, and then being placed on hold for 15 minutes without receiving any customer service person, I realized my contract was up and therefore didn't need to put up with the poor customer service...

After doing a lot of research (including Consumer Reports) on cell phones and service, I decided to call Verizon which has the reputation of having the best customer service in the cell phone industry and the best network coverage in the US. Their 800# menu was quickly navigable and professional and within 1 minute I was able to speak to a courteous and knowledgeable customer service representative. This helped convince me to choose Verizon as a service provider.

The only downside I can think of with Verizon is that they may not be as price-competitive as T-Mobile or Cingular on many plans, however Verizon's $59 / 900 minute plan is quite competitive with the other carriers and is the best value of any carrier (IMHO) when considering the call quality, network coverage and customer service you get with Verizon.

LG & Verizon, keep up the good work!

Product features:
Supports EV-DO high-speed data
Ultra smooth streaming video
Megapixel camera w/ Flash
Dual high-resolution TFT color displays
Built-in stereo sound

Product: Motorola V600 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 3/5
Motorola V600 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
High price lowers score

If I had spent about one hundred bucks for this phone I would have been much happier. For the price, this phone could be better. Before I go on, however, let me say this is a good phone. I am able to receive calls in more places, I have fewer dropped calls, and the reception/speaker phone are great. (I realize much of this has to do with AT&T poor service.) Receiving calls without losing them should be expected, even from the "free" phones. But this phone falls short in some places. With my old Nokia, I could lock it by pushing a couple of buttons. The Motorola requires scrolling through the security menu (8 clicks). Why would I have to lock a flip phone, you ask? Because the side buttons that remain exposed when the cover is closed start the voice recording (3 unexpected messages recorded in a week); and scrolls though the ring style (when I hit silent mode I expect the phone stay silent). When pulling it out of my carrier (not included, of course), I've pressed the buttons accidently -- unless the scrolling happened as the phone rested in the carrier -- worse! Speaking of scrolling, the phone book software saves every number separately. So, if you have 3 or 4 or 5 numbers for someone (not unusual these days) be prepared to scroll through all of these to get to the one you need (instead of drilling down to a submenu with only the name listed). Finally, the manual is terrible. Things are difficult to find (I still can't tell if the phone can transfer my phone numbers from my SIM card -- I don't think it can); and there is no diagram explaining what the buttons and other components are (like the rubber plug on the back of the phone that keeps the back cover from closing properly). Also, if you want to transfer numbers to and from the phone (see my SIM card comment above), be prepared to spend another 30 bucks on the synching software. And when you're ordering the software, make sure to order an extra earpiece...the one that comes with the phone is lousy (can you hear me now?...{shouting} I SAID, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW). Am I happy...yes. Super satisfied? Far from it.
Product features:
Use the colorful customizable external display to identify specific calling groups and events.
VGA camera with 4x digital zoom, large 65,000 color display supports video playback
Integrated Bluetooth for wireless data connectivity, quad band operation allows use on GSM networks worldwide
5MB internal memory to support downloadable applications, MP3 ringtones, wallpapers, and photo storage
Handset comes with mono earbud, mid-rate charger, and battery

Product: Motorola V300 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 4/5
Motorola V300 Phone (T-Mobile)
A good pick

This is a handy and cute phone. Impressive color display. Clear polyphonic ring tone. Easy-to-use bulit-in camera. But only when you would want to delete the contacts, delete the unwanted saved pictures, the 'delete' function was hiding somewhere hard to be found. Speaker phone worked well but the signal is not that great. Is this because it's a flip phone? Voice can be heard better when using headset though. Anyway, this phone is definitely a good pick when compared to its price.
Product features:
Tri-band GSM capability
Large color display features 65,000 colors
Built-in VGA camera with zoom
Supports text messaging and wireless Internet (WAP 2.0)
Comes with 35 ringtones and supports MIDI and MP3 formats

Product: NEC 515 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 5/5
NEC 515 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Spam in cell phone section

ok i dont know whether its at & t or its the phone that makes it so terrible, this phone barely has signal, and the "no antenna" thing is definately the problem, something thats supposed to be attractive, makes it less effective, on top of that, the second month i owned the phone, my internet access, and m mode access, just stops? plus on top of that, i'm charged for buying things i browse, this phone is terrible, do yourself a favor, dont buy it
Product features:
Large Color Display with 162x216 pixels (65,536 colors)
Phone supports WML, cHTML (i-Mode), and xHTML (WAP 2.0) wireless Internet
Quad-band GSM world phone is one of the first capable of roaming on virtually all GSM networks in the US and abroad
Phone book can carry up to 500 contacts
Comes with polyphonic ringers and other customizable features

Product: Nokia 6360 Phone (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 5/5
Nokia 6360 Phone (AT&T)
Hardy, feature laden, best battery life, hold tons of info!

I am required to carry a cellphone for work, but I don't travel or make many calls. This cellphone does everything I need it to do, and it holds its charge a long time. My previous cellphone never held a charge beyond 36 hours or so, but this one can go up to 5 days, depending upon usage. Very user-friendly.
Product features:
E-mail capability
Internal antenna
Infrared port
Up to 5.2 hours digital talk time and 14 days digital standby time
Includes Li-Ion battery, charger, and hands-free headset

Product: Motorola i205 Phone (Nextel)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 1/5
Motorola i205 Phone (Nextel)
Bad Product

I got this phone for a back up and it's not even good for that. VERY cheap plastic, creaks like an old wooden floor. The DC speaker has loose parts in it so when I am in a DC conversation there's so much rattling it makes it hard to hear. The Charger port has a cheap rubber flap covering it that won't stay shut. There's a horrible tick sound in the background on all my calls that I have never experienced before. The battery lasts me a day if I don't use the phone, with minimal use I find it dying long before the end of the business day. I'm very glad my i710 is on it's way because this thing is just junk. You definitely get less than what you pay for with this item. Many of my friends have left Nextel because of the poor product Motorola is putting out for them. This phone is no exception.
Product features:
The Motorola i205 is a compact, entry-level model sporting iDEN's hallmark Push-To-Talk feature with speakerphone
Customize the appearance of the i205 with front and back colored phone covers
Store up to seven numbers for each contact (up to 600 entries)
Use the private speaker button to switch from the external speaker to the earpiece for private conversations or to minimize disruptions in quiet environments
Assign unique ring tones to contacts for audible notification and caller identification during incoming calls

Product: Motorola V180 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 3/5
Motorola V180 Phone (Cingular)
Like a Cute Little Wife: It Wants You To Buy Everything

I've had this phone for a couple of months now. I don't like gimmicks, and I won't pay for anything gimmicky, so I settled for this phone. It's actually not that bad of a phone, considering I've never liked flip-open phones. The ring selection is pretty good, and the color screen is super easy to read. The speakerphone was the biggest surprise for me and I use it often. I also like how you can re-assign many of the keys. Good idea!

Now straight to the meat:

1. My girlfriend gave me the earpiece adapter so I wouldn't have to buy one. It's easy to use, but makes phone conversations *sound* muffled. To other people, my voice sounds fine. That's a relief. But the button activator doesn't work. Whatever, I didn't buy it.

2. Unlike my Nokia, I actually can't read the outside shell-screen or the inside color-screen without major light. So usually I have to flip the phone open to get it to light up. I'm used to it by now, but I remember struggling with this. The shell-screen wouldn't be so hard to read if it wasn't built by Motorola, who has this tendency to "sink" their displays, so there is always this shadow from the outer shell covering a lot of the display, making it difficult to read. I noticed this on their standard cellphones too, a long time ago.

3. I don't mind passing the time playing cellphone games. I've played some cell phone games that were cooler than my N64. Here you're given a demo of Bejeweled. I've gotten so good at it that I get to the "Buy Now" screen before 30 seconds is up. Other games to choose from? Nope, gotta buy 'em.

4. First thing I noticed when I got this phone: you have to buy everything. The phone connects to the Internet via secret government satellite hook-up (or whatever makes this thing tick) and you can buy sounds, screensavers, desktop images, games, this, that...I felt like a Duty-Free magazine was dropped in my hands. I don't like that feeling of owning something that begs for money everytime I want to do something creative with it.

5. Two "skins" to choose from. Cingular, which isn't that bad actually, and this freaky "Hellomoto" version which has a scary creature as a logo and the word Hell seems larger than the rest of the word. You'll see it when you boot up. The color scheme is outrageous. Orange, brown, green...blech. Want more skins? "Buy"

6. Keypad glows blue, I like that. But it's actually difficult to use. My Nokia's keys were raised up, so I could slide my thumb around and depress the number I needed. With this phone, they're *slightly* raised, but are slick and my fingernails keep bumping agaist the plastic frame, so the number I want doesn't get pressed, or I keep hitting the wrong number. After two months, I'm used to this: I hold the phone in one hand and type with the other, or I depress the keys more slowly. Also, the compass at the top (with a center button) is tricky to get used to. I keep pressing left instead of up, for example.

7. The number six requires my pushing it twice before it ever works. Probably an individual phone flaw, not manufacturing...still, someone may read this and agree.

8. Service bars tend to move around like they have an itch. I noticed someone else wrote this too. Interesting. On more than SEVERAL occasions have I been disconnected from a phonecall. And my Nokia made a noise when it disconnected. This phone is silent. I've literally had conversations by myself SEVERAL times before noticing I'm not getting a reply.

That's not good, Cingular. Not happy about that. If those were business calls, I'd be very embarrassed.

Okay, all that aside: you can't go wrong with Cingular's rollover minutes. I know that has nothing to do with this phone. But that's a huge incentive, in my opinion, to go Cingular.

This phone has its physical issues, but it gets the job done, and cost me nothing. I just wanted to point out the facts. If you have to pay for this phone, I highly recommend seeking another model and comparing, first.
Product features:
The sleek feature-forward model V180 offers mobile movers and shakers hip style without the hot price tag.
Polyphonic speaker for MP3 ring tunes and MPEG4 video playback
Large, vibrant color display with picture caller ID
Stylish clamshell design with integrated speakerphone
Includes phone, charger and user documentation.

Product: Sony Ericsson T610 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Ericsson
Rating: 5/5
Sony Ericsson T610 Phone (T-Mobile)
The best phone I've ever had

I'm not sure why that previous reviewer was having problems with his phone crashing. I've had mine for more than 6 months and it hasn't crashed once. In fact, I don't think I've turned it off in more than a month, let alone had to take the battery/SIM card out, so I would say it's solid as a rock. On the other hand the first Sony phone I had, a T68i, was pretty buggy and I did experience the occasional lockup. Eventually it died, I replaced it with another T68i I bought used on eBay, and that one worked perfectly and still does. I guess the lesson would be: if your phone acts up at all when you get it, replace it right away and you'll be fine.I would say, of the 6 mobile phones I've had so far, this one is by far the best. It has great features, but even better it's nice and small, thin, light, but with a nice big screen. It's style is unlike any other phone on the market, and I like to be different. I like the open-face design better than a clamshell, since it's thinner. I've also NEVER NEVER had a problem with scratches or screen damage. I keep this phone in my front pocket all day, but it's still in almost like new condition. I used to worry that my wallet or keys or change would damage the phone, but I don't worry anymore.I was also concerned at first that the buttons were too small, but I've never had a problem dialing. I'm not sure how they did it, but it's really hard to mis-dial this phone, and I have fat fingers!I get compliments all the time. "What kind of phone is that? Is that a camera? How cool! Can I see?" :)
Product features:
Large 128x160 pixel 65.000 color screen
MMS for composing messages using images, sounds and text
Supports Java and Mophun platforms for the widest range of mobile games and applications
Supports Bluetooth, infrared and cable for PC synchronization
With a built-in 319 x 288 pixel camera and QuickShare software

Product: Motorola V551 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 5/5
Motorola V551 Phone (Cingular)
Great Phone, features, and Price!

This phone is a great phone especially for the price! I got it through Cingular with a two year contract extension. It cost $150 - $50 MIR for a total of $100. This phone has all the features you could want in a high tech phone: Bluetooth, Camera plus VIDEO, QUAD BAND - it works all over the world, large bright screen, white back light numbers which is a nice professional change from the common blue, and it is made from this great blue, no-slip plastic. The one thing I would like to have seen on this camera is expandable media. The one annoying thing about the phone is the one button internet access. Pushing this button by mistake will cost you 2-3 cents each time. Overall this is a really great phone, and when you consider your getting quad band, bluetooth, a camera, and all for $100, you can't go wrong.
Product features:
Quad-band GSM phone with built-in Bluetooth
Integrated VGA camera with 4x zoom and video capture
MP3 ringtone capable
Features EDGE high-speed data network compatibility
Conference calling and integrated hands-free speaker

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