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Product: T-Mobile Color Sidekick Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 5/5
T-Mobile Color Sidekick Phone (T-Mobile)
Improves communication with teens

it is awesome buy it! Sucks! do not buy!
Product features:
Important note: It's required that you add the Sidekick Unlimited Data option to your service plan before you check out.
To add the required option, you must add the Sidekick and a service plan, and then on the Accessories page, you need to select the Sidekick Unlimited Data option located under Service Options (this option is located on Step 3 in the checkout process)
The T-Mobile Sidekick is the ultimate communication device
A large color screen that flips open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard makes for quick and easy communication
Stay connected with all your friends with unlimited e-mail, AOL Instant Messenger, Internet browsing, text messaging and mobile snapshots

Product: HP iPAQ h6315 PDA Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: CE
Manufacturer: VoiceStream
Rating: 4/5
HP iPAQ h6315 PDA Phone (T-Mobile)
If you love computers, you will love this phone.

Being a techno geek, I love this device. The HP iPAQ h6315 is a Pocket PC with the convenience of a phone built in. It runs Windows Mobile 2003 as the operating system which allows for a huge assortment of both free and for pay software to be downloaded on to it. However it also acts like a computer in that it will periodically lock up. When this happens, a soft reset is easy to perform and you can be up and running in less than a minute again.

Things to do when buying the device:

1. Immediately upgrade the firmware to the latest. At this time many of the units in stock still have the original buggy firmware. If you are familiar at all with computers, upgrading the firmware is relatively easy.

2. Order yourself a 1GB Secure Digital memory card and a PC card reader. Put the card in the reader and give the SD card a volume name (this fixes a bug). Then put it in your iPAQ.

3. When installing applications, install them to either the iPAQ File Store or the SD Storage Card. Also create a My Documents folder on the SD Storage Card and put your documents in there. Set up Pocket Internet Explorer to cache files to the SD card. Set up Pocket Outlook to save email to the SD card. The goal is to save as much as you can to the SD card or the iPAQ File Store as possible. You want to save your precious RAM for running programs.

4. To protect your screen from scratches and to be able wipe off smudges, get yourself a good screen protector sheet. Several brands are available. Stay away from the cheap ones. You get what you pay for.

5. Read the h6315 forum at for answers regarding this device.

The coolness factor. It really is a small computer. As long as you have WiFi wireless access or phone service, you have connectivity to the internet. You really can view web sites with Pocket Internet Explorer. Also you can retrieve and respond to all your email. Server admininstrators would find the Terminal Services client handy. This unit also works as a great MP3 player. If you are a VB .NET or C# .NET programmer, it is a snap to write software for this device. Oh yeah, it is a quad band GSM phone as well, so it will work overseas.

This device is a small computer, so if computers fustrate you, then this device is not for you. It is not as fast as the latest Pocket PCs. This was done to save battery life. The other Pocket PCs will run for 3 hours on a battery charge where as this unit will work for an entire day on a charge.

Product features:
Microsoft Windows Mobile™ 2003 software for Pocket PC, Phone Edition
3.5" Transreflective color display, 240x320 pixels, 64k color support with touch screen
Integrated Bluetooth, Camera and WiFi
International phone: Quad-band (1900, 1800, 900, 850 MHz)
Snap on QWERTY keyboard

Product: Motorola RAZR V3 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 4/5
Motorola RAZR V3 Phone (Cingular)
Early adopter

Sexy form... CHECK. Innovative construction... CHECK. Exclusive price tag... CHECK. In a sea of flip phones and candy bar phones that all look alike, the RAZR V3 is the Ferrari of mobile phones and stands out as such. If you're looking for a feature rich phone, then the V3 is not for you as a V600 will provide the same features for far less. But if you want a high-quality constructed phone that screams, "look at me, I'm a sexy b*tch," then the V3 is up your alley.

Actually, a better analogy would be: The Acura NSX of mobile phones. Like the NSX, I feel the V3 is a marketing tool for Motorola. It's their way of saying, "We're known for inexpensive phones, but, look, we can build stylish, well-crafted, high-end phones too!"

Unless wireless technology improves from GSM, the V3 is a phone that I can definitely keep for more than 2 years. The styling, design, and construction is just that good (I upgraded from a trusty and reliable, yet mediocre Nokia 3360 TDMA phone).

There's been quite a debate about the construction of the V3 and the best explanation that I've heard is that the bottom backside (below the battery cover) and the lower front is plastic for the antenna. It certainly makes perfect sense to me (unless the metal frame IS the antenna) as all the other areas are cold to touch (in this weather) while those areas are usually room temperature. Furthermore, it would be misrepresentation on Motorola's part to advertise it as such. Regardless, this phone may seem flimsy, but it's very solid -- there is no comparison w/ my old Nokia 3360 and my girlfriend's V551.

Mikey's likeys:

1- The mini-USB port. This is great for single-point access for data and charging -- it's simple and should be a mobile phone standard!
2- The Bluetooth connectivity. Coming from a wired hands-free setup, my Bluetooth headset (a Jabra BT250) is a godsend. I can leave the V3 charging in my home office and still be connected in the living room. (SIDE NOTE: stay away from from the D-Link Bluetooth USB adapter for PC connectivity and get the Belkin F8T001 adapter -- read my review on the D-Link for details)
3- Quad band. Doubtful that I'll ever use this feature/benefit, but those two words will certainly impress all around you.
4- The speakerphone. I've been a non-believer of mobile phone speakerphones, but I've got to admit, the V3's speaker phone is the bomb. It's loud and clear (but not loud enough for the car). My girlfriend tells me that I sound better w/ the V3 speakerphone than w/ my old Nokia 3360 and wired headset setup. When I don't have my Bluetooth headset, I'm spoiled w/ the speakerphone.
5- The internal display. Going to the V3 from the Nokia 3360 is a leap of spacial proportions and after a couple of weeks, I have found myself to be spoiled w/ large internal display. And not only that, the V3 has an ATI IMAGEON graphics accelerator! All other phones (excluding PDA phones) pale in comparison in this regard.

Mikey's no-likeys:

1- No memory expansion. I don't see myself using up all 5MB of internal memory, but an SD/MMC card expansion slot would be nice. Maybe Motorola (or somebody else -- maybe myself) will come out w/ a mini-USB adapter for this purpose.
2- Poorly written owner's manual. I have found that the owner's manual is more like a reference manual and sometimes leaves you figuring things out on your own. It does not explain how to use many common features that owners (especially ones new to Motorola phones) use. Instead, it lists all the features and expects you to put 1 and 1 together. It's like the "C++ Reference" vs "Learn How to Program in C++ in 21 Days." Maybe Motorola's technical writers are just to technical?
3- Drops and dings. Like any "Ferrari," I'll probably go into a week-long mourning the first time I drop or ding the phone. I'm hoping there will be [good] cases available to protect my V3 while it juggles around w/ keys in my pocket. (SIDE NOTE: I have heard that Cingular / Lockline is not insuring this phone, but my Cingular sales guy was hesitant sell me the phone unless I bought the insurance)
4- No EDGE. My girlfriend's $99 Motorola v551 has EDGE. Shame, shame, shame Motorola. Bad Motorola. Bad, bad, bad. Alas, it's akin to buying a $160k Ferrari 360 Modena and having a cheap $20 factory stereo system (or paying $90k for an Acura NSX and it's only 290hp).
5- Internal display colors. I was all hyped up to hear about 260k colors, but Motorola's specs after some detective footwork is 65k colors, but up to 260k colors in MPEG-4 video playback. Very, very, sneaky and mis-leading indeed.


1- I wished there was a PocketPC smart phone version of this phone. PocketPC + V3 form factor = perfection.

Regarding multiple numbers for one name in the review below -- you can set the phonebook to display only primary numbers by:

1- setting the primary number for all the names that have multiple numbers (you don't have to do this if a name only has one number);
2- set the address book view to "Primary Contacts" in Phonebook Menu >>> Phonebook Setup >>> View;
3- voila, only primary numbers are displayed.

The way Motorola has implemented this is not very intuitive as Nokia's implementation (refer to my owner's manual dis-like above), but I have found Motorola's implementation to be a little more robust.

UPDATE: It's been nearly three weeks since I've bought this phone and no buyer's remorse.

Product features:
Razor-thin aircraft aluminum case
Bluetooth wireless technology
MPEG4 video playback
Built-in speakerphone
Digital camera with 4x digital zoom

Product: Motorola V300 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 4/5
Motorola V300 Phone (T-Mobile)
Great phone in every way except numbers are too small

I love my V300 and my Tmobile service is great. I have only
1 problem, the number keys are too small for me to see unless
I hold the phone up close. I have no problem with my phone keeping a charge, but I also have a car charger.

I enjoy the games, ringtones I can
download, etc. Motorola, Next time, make bigger number keys!!
Product features:
Tri-band GSM capability
Large color display features 65,000 colors
Built-in VGA camera with zoom
Supports text messaging and wireless Internet (WAP 2.0)
Comes with 35 ringtones and supports MIDI and MP3 formats

Product: PCS Phone Sanyo SCP-8100 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Sanyo
Rating: 4/5
PCS Phone Sanyo SCP-8100 (Sprint)
Very good phone

ok, i bought this phone in may and i already hate it. The reception is good but thats about it. The menus on this phone are very confusing and it only comes with one wallpaper:flowers. Now i am a boy and i dont want flowers on my phone.I dont like how it is so hard to open either, and its really ugly. The Keys are poorly backlit and pre-loaeded ringtones sound like they were made for old people. And the music ringtones sound awful and they are distorted. I am going with t-mobile and thier motorola v300 as soon as i get my money back for this peice.
Product features:
Large color screen supports 65,000 colors (120x144 pixels)
Integrated digital camera with 352 x 288 pixel resolution
Phone supports voice-activated dialing and polyphonic ringtones
Supports wireless Internet and text messaging
Includes standard and extended batteries, AC charger, user documentation

Product: Sony Ericsson HBH-300 Akono Headset
Productgroup: Wireless Phone Accessory
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Rating: 4/5
Sony Ericsson HBH-300 Akono Headset
Sony HBH300 review

I purchased the Cardo Scala 500 headset a few months ago. The battery life and sound is good. The fit is so so. Some flopping around the ear. Although it is lightweight, the Cardo hurt my ear slightly. I did not like the range at all. Five to 10 feet is the max. I also had the Motorola HS820. It did not fit my ear at all. I gave it to my wife to use. She seems to like it. I decided on the Sony after reading some reviews. Most were positive. The range is great. I tested it at up to 30 feet with barely any static. Sound is very good. The boom helps. Driving with the windows down posed problems. The volume is too low. I have to force the headset into the ear canal to hear the conversation. The ear piece does not fit in the ear canal precisely. It is above the canal. Not much can be done to adjust the fit. I experimented with a few Jabra gels I have from my corded headsets. The sound is increased but the irritation to the ear is also increased. Also the gel creates more heat because the gel is in the ear canal. The charger feels like it can break (two little prongs).
The headset itself feels better made than the Cardo. If not for the fit and low volume I would have given it 5 stars. The additional $15 I paid for the Sony is well worth it.

Product features:
Bluetooth Technology with up to 30 foot range
Light Weight and Comfortable design
Up to 5 hours of talk time and 2 days standby
Noise reducing Mic and High Quality speaker
Includes charger and cradle

Product: PCS Phone palmOne Treo 650 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: PalmOne
Rating: 5/5
PCS Phone palmOne Treo 650 (Sprint)
A great Phone that is a PDA

Treo 600 was well designed and the 650 is even better. It has migrated from a PDA phone to a Phone PDA. Alot of attention was paid to making sure that this is a cell phone with a pda features.(i.e. dedicated phone buttons, blue tooth, voice dailing button(need voice dialer software)
And Treo 650 is a great pda with integrated keyboard and versamail installed. In addition there are lots of softwares that can be installed to make Treo 650 a mini laptop.
Product features:
Vibrant 320 x 320 touchscreen display
Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology
Buit-in digital camera with video capture
Innovative backlit QWERTY keyboard
Full access to Microsoft Outlook Exchange and POP3/IMAP4 email clients

Product: Motorola V400 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 1/5
Motorola V400 Phone (Cingular)
Phone is good until earpiece dies

I have had this phone for about ~1 year. Recently I have only barely been able to hear the person I am talking to on the phone. At first I attributed this to maybe a bad connection, but then I found out a friend was having similar problems. I looked on the internet and found people were having similar problems. This phone is WORTHLESS, it can have all the features in the world but if you cant hear the person you are talking to what is the point.

I recommend not buying this phone. If you are looking to buy another motorola I would check to make sure that it doesnt have similar earpiece problems.
Product features:
Tri-band GSM phone is notable for its high-resolution display, VGA camera, and MP3 ringtones
Camera features 5MB of memory, self-timer, saves images for Picture Caller id
Large 65,000 color primary display for Internet browsing, game playing (Prince of Persia included)
External caller id display for call screening, phone book with 1000 entry capacity
Ringtone support MIDI and MP3 formats, as well as built-in MotoMixer ringtone composer

Product: Samsung E715 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 3/5
Samsung E715 Phone (T-Mobile)
this phone rocks but t-mobile suxxx

i live in Manhattan and when i go to upstate to visit relatives there is no service... im not saying this phone suxx im just saying the carrier (t-Mobile) suuux. dont get me wrong as u can see in the pictures this phone is awesome.... the LCD screen is great, the LCD screen outside is awesome and the picture qualities is fantastic. all im sayin is that t-mobile should expand its services thru upstate new york or im canceling this phone....
Product features:
Large LCD color screen feature 65,000 colors (128x160 pixels)
Built-In VGA camera with 640x480 resolution, flash, and self-timer
Equipped with mobile Internet and text messaging
Supports 40-chord polyphonic ringtones
Download ringtones, wallpaper, and games

Product: Plantronics Headset M145 for Mobile & Cordless Phones
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Plantronics
Rating: 5/5
Plantronics Headset M145 for Mobile & Cordless Phones
Very comfortable, Great sound.

I wasn't sure I would like a headset that fits in your ear but once I got it adjusted properly, I found the M145 to be very comfortable. The sound quality is excellent and the volume control is very handy. I don't know what that other reviewer was talking about because mine came with a lapel clip. To test the quality I called my voice mail from my car with my radio on and the sun roof wide open, traveling 60mph down the highway and the call came through loud and clear with no wind noise and the radio was barely audible. There is also an ajustment on the jack that plugs into the phone to adjust the microphone volume if people have trouble hearing you.My only complaint is that the mute button turns on too easily. Overall I was pleasently surprised with the M145 and am happy with my purchase.
Product features:
Ultralightweight headset comfort
Great in-your-ear sound
Noise-canceling microphone for crystal-clear calls
Easy hands-free conversations
Convenient inline volume and mute control

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