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Product: Palm Tungsten W PDA Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: AT&T Wireless
Rating: 5/5
Palm Tungsten W PDA Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
I like it

This is the first Palm-like device I've ever owned and I like it. Actually, I love it. I still can't figure out how to "alt-tab" but not sure if that's even possible. I was very surprised at how well it surfs the web and the earpiece produces very clear sound. It does everything I need, docs, spreadsheets, e-mail, phone. To top it all off, it feels and looks like high quality, nice shiny finish. No complaints here.
Product features:
E-mail delivered on a handheld capable of the fastest GSM/GPRS data speeds available
Advanced phone features include 5-way conferencing, callback reminders, Quick Connect, hands-free headset
Thumb keyboard to type e-mails and messages
Ultra sharp color display high resolution 320 x 320 display
Add applications, memory, and functionality in a snap with SD/MultiMediaCard slot

Product: Motorola V400 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 1/5
Motorola V400 Phone (Cingular)
Good Looks and Specs - WORKS POORLY in REAL LIFE! AVOID

I was looking for a quad-band GSM phone that I could use anywhere in the world (OK, most places). Though I was not particularly interested in the camera functionality, I chose this phone as it was the one which seemed to have the specs I needed.

But within a short time, my perception of this phone degenerated into the realization that the actual usability and performance of this phone leaves a lot to be desired (and gives you repeated opportunities to improve your inner self by curbing your irritation at things that don't deliver as promised :-) I have had this phone for about 6 months now and I will change it at the next opportunity.

Ok, kidding aside, some of the many things about this phone that don't work properly (design flaws) are -

* Traversing the menu for even simple things is a pain. Slow response. Many levels - for even frequently used items.
* Lack of basic call history information (if the same caller calls twice, their earlier call info. is overwritten!)
* NO TOTALLY SILENT MODE - Cannot silence the low battery alarm (though it can function fine for another 24 hours without charging)
* Cannot use the phone if the battery is discharged even when it is hooked to the charger. Must wait several minutes before you can even switch it on and ~15 minutes to make a short call.
* Side buttons constantly get pressed while inside trouser pcckets (and your hands - or anyone else's are no where near).
* Side button functionality (such as changing Ring tone level) do not work as you would expect.
* Speakerphone function seems great but you cannot switch on the Speakerphone until AFTER the call is connected - resulting in an awkward pause.

I could go on. Bottom line, this is a poorly designed phone (unreliable/bad personality) that is hoping to impress you by it's good looks and it's camera "feature". I think you get the picture - at least the smart ones reading this! Even the 4 and 5 star reviewers have mentioned numerous problems - they should really be at most 3 star reviews.

AVOID - there are many other better options from other manufacturers.

P.S. Also, be WARNED about Cingular resellers - they will LIE outright to get your business. And Cingular seems to not care very much.
The trend you support today becomes the norm tomorrow. Hope you choose wisely.
Product features:
Tri-band GSM phone is notable for its high-resolution display, VGA camera, and MP3 ringtones
Camera features 5MB of memory, self-timer, saves images for Picture Caller id
Large 65,000 color primary display for Internet browsing, game playing (Prince of Persia included)
External caller id display for call screening, phone book with 1000 entry capacity
Ringtone support MIDI and MP3 formats, as well as built-in MotoMixer ringtone composer

Product: Motorola V600 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 4/5
Motorola V600 Phone (Cingular)
Cool Phone...Horrible Battery

I think I have the worst of luck when it comes to batteries and cell phones. I would have given this phone 5 stars except that the battery life isn't as long as advertised. Overall, I love this phone and am glad I bought it. I have been with Cingular for almost 10 years (it was Bellsouth prior to that) and I've been rather satisfied with them. Friendly service (not to mention they actually answer your call)!PROS: Bluetooth is wonderful. I had no problem linking this little baby to my laptop (PC version, Windows XP), my Powerbook (Mac OSX) and the Jabra BT250 Bluetooth Headset. I was able to share pictures from the phone to my computer and from my computer to the phone. Before discovering this great feature, I actually paid $1.99 for a chesty guy. No more. I'll just find him for free on the Internet and save him/send him to my phone. Ringtones: Boring ones are gone! Be careful if you order them over the Internet. I bought one and never received it. I may pay a little more to Cingular, however, it's easier to get a credit from them if something doesn't work than from some stranger in Japan. Right now Garfield says "Ring, ring, ring...." Everybody gets a kick out of it.Voice Dial: Contrary to what the Cingular salesperson told me, you DON'T have to subscribe to their voice recognition feature to use voice dial. You may need to if you want to simply say "Dial 555-5896" or want to store more than 20 names. I was impressed at how well I "trained" this phone to recognize names. If I want to call dad at home, I simply press the button and say "Dad home."Picture/Address Book: I like being able to put people's pictures next to their name. Very cool.Camera: Need I say more? I bought this phone because I was recently in a car accident. Even though there was no damage, the other person kept inspecting her car. I kept thinking to myself, "Gee, I wish I had a camera with me." Now I do!Internet: I love being able to access the Internet for little things. I don't do it often because I only have 1 MB on the plan I'm subscribing to. Be careful. If you go to Cingular's Mall, you will use your MB. I was told you only did if you downloaded something (ringtones, good looking wallpapers, etc..), but that isn't the case.Address Book: I like the organization of this address book over my Nokia 3360. It's easier to access. While you have 1000 name ability, keep in mind that if you have three numbers and an email address for somebody, you've used four of those 1000 spots. Programming the address book took time and playing around, but once I understood what to do, I was fine.Color Screen: I love this feature! I have a Pocket PC and can't stand the old black/white screens. Now my phone has a lovely picture of Garfield to go with his ringtone. I also like that you can see the time and who's calling with the phone closed. The date is available when you open it up. Who needs a watch when you have this at your disposal?Games: While it only came with two games, I'm addicted to Bejeweled. I haven't figured out the other one but I plan on shopping for more games. This will give my Pocket PC a break. :-)CONS:Battery time sucks, big time! I'm avoiding the usage of a car charger because of advice I've received. However, I don't like the possibility of having a dead phone with no car charger. While I can charge it everynight, the juice gets sucked out very quickly. I guess I can thank the technology for that.Buttons: The 9 and 2 button are finiky. They like to be pressed in just the right manner or they won't work.User-friendliness: The book is so-so. However, to learn about your new toy, you will need to play around. It isn't a phone for people who aren't used to computers, PDA's, etc.. UNLESS you only plan on calling and receiving calls. But if you're only going to do that, why get such a sophisticated phone in the first place?That's it. I hope this helps. I was going to get the 400, but for only $50 more, I got the 600 and the capability of bluetoothing.
Product features:
Use the colorful customizable external display to identify specific calling groups and events.
VGA camera with 4x digital zoom, large 65,000 color display supports video playback
Integrated Bluetooth for wireless data connectivity, quad band operation allows use on GSM networks worldwide
5MB internal memory to support downloadable applications, MP3 ringtones, wallpapers, and photo storage
Handset comes with mono earbud, mid-rate charger, and battery

Product: Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Logitech
Rating: 2/5
Logitech Mobile Freedom Bluetooth Headset

I understand that mass produced items will occasionally have defects. But when you've waited in anticipation for a week it really annoys to have yours be that occasionally defective unit. In this instance the multi-use button was fubar right out of the package.
Product features:
No additional phone dongle needed to enjoy 10 meters (30 feet) of range. It also works with your Bluetooth-compatible PC. And Bluetooth v1.2 gives you adaptive frequency hopping, quick connect time, and improved audio quality.
WindStop technology enables clear conversations in adverse conditions by reducing the disruptive effects of wind noise, including automobile air conditioners.
Rotating clip conveniently fits either ear, and lightweight soft foam ear pad stays comfortable even after long talk sessions.
Enjoy up to 7 hours of talk time or up to 250 hours of standby time between charges.
Call/answer button on the headset lets you conduct calls without having to pick up the phone. The Logitech Mobile Freedom Headset also supports several features built into many handsets, such as voice dialing, three-way calling, and m

Product: Audiovox 8910 Flasher V7 Blue Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Virgin Mobile
Rating: 4/5
Audiovox 8910 Flasher V7 Blue Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)
cool phone

I love virgin mobile and when they came out with this camera phone I KNEW i had to get it!! It is a GREAT phone, I am so impressed. The camera surprisingly takes great pics and the zoom isnt bad either...although if you zoom to far it becomes fuzzy. The contact is easy to navigate and can store A LOT! Virgin mobile extras is great, because you can get all these cool extras...I just need to stop wasting all my money on games and ringtones...:-) It has a balance feature which tells you when to "top up" and how much money you have left, which is very handy. It comes with pretty good ringtones, but you can buy real song ringtones at virgin extras. It only comes with one game, a demo of snood, but you can also purchase from a HUGE selection of games from VXL. It also has a world clock, a calculator, text and pic messaging, alarm, and much more. If you want a good cell phone get THIS ONE!! A MONTH AGO I LEFT IT IN MY POCKET AND IT WENT THROUGH THE WASHING MACHINE...I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE BROKEN, BUT I LET IT DRY AND IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!!! if your thinking about getting a cell phone, GET THIS ONE!! I am totally amazed at this phone!!
Product features:
Built-in camera with flash
Opens with a flip
Full-color screen
Superphonic (real music) ringtones
Two-way speakerphone

Product: Jabra A210 Bluetooth Multi-Adapter
Productgroup: Wireless Phone Accessory
Manufacturer: Jabra
Rating: 5/5
Jabra A210 Bluetooth Multi-Adapter
Also great for phones that are ALREADY BLUETOOTH ENABLED!!

I have a Treo 650, which already has bluetooth capability... Bluetooth 1.1 that is. I wanted Bluetooth 1.2, and this adapter gave it to me!
People buy phones like the Treo because they want the ability to do everything at once with only one device. With Bluetooth 1.1, you have the ability to go wireless for phone conversations, but you CAN'T listen to anything else (audio books, music, etc.) via a wireless headset. I couldn't believe it. This means that you have to go back and forth between a wireless headset for phone conversations and a wired headset for everything else. Not very convenient.
But with this adapter you can turn your bluetooth 1.1 phone into a bluetooth 1.2! Meaning you can listen to it all wireless. Needless to say, this rocks!
Before I always had to decide prior to leaving the house, whether I wanted the ease of wireless communication without being able to listen to mp3s and recordings or whether I wanted the distraction of a wired headset that would allow me to also hear those extras. Now, with the Jabra A210 I don't have to choose. And it's tinier and lighter than I even expected which makes it even better. I had a question for Jabra Support and they got back to me the same day! Great products and great support. For me, it really doesn't get any better than this.
Product features:
Bluetooth adapter kit provides up to 8 hours of talk time or up to 240 hours on standby
Pairing button for easy set-up with your Bluetooth headset
Range up to 33 feet (10 meters)
Blue & Red LED indicator lights
110-120 volt AC Charger included for rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Product: Siemens CF62T Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 4/5
Siemens CF62T Phone (T-Mobile)
Adequet enough for me

I wasn't looking for anything special when my boyfriend and I starting shopping for cell phones. So several months back, we went in search of a normal, easy-to-use cell phone at a good price. We found this one. We bought it because we liked the look and simplicity of the phone. It has great features and is very compact. However, a couple of months after we purchased the phone, it began turning itself off. Not just mine, but his also. In the middle of phone calls, setting it down, touching it - at one point, it had turned off for me 4 times in less than 10 minutes - while on the phone with my boss. That was where I drew the line. I took it back to T-mobile and they told me all they could do was send my boyfriend and I new phones - the same ones. I thought, fine, whatever, I'll take anything I can get at this point.

Within a week, we received our new phones, re-programed them, and tried again. Once again, within 2 months, the same problem rose up in both of our phones - turning off. It is ridiculous. In fact, I use this phone as an alarm every morning, and even this morning I woke up late because, lo and behold, it was off. I do not recommend this phone to anyone. I may look nice, but after reading other people similiar accounts and going through 4 phones myself with the same problem, all I can say is get something else.
Product features:
Distinctive loop antenna.
Download Fun (MegaTones® and Wallpaper)
Dual display
Text and picture messaging
Includes phone and travel charger

Product: Siemens CF62T TMO to Go Prepaid Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 5/5
Siemens CF62T TMO to Go Prepaid Phone (T-Mobile)
this is a good cell phone

I purchased this phone for my wife as an anniversary gift earlier this year. Thus far we are very pleased with it. Keep in mind: this is a PHONE. If you're looking for something that will allow you to play games, chat with friends, and browse the Internet, you need something else (like a PDA/phone). As a phone this is a nice product.

First, the phone itself: very nice. It is well-built, and we feel that the screen is easy to read. Sound quality is good, and when listening to someone using this phone they sound good as well.

Some people gripe about the keypad's lack of raised keys and poor backlighting. This has not been a problem for us. The keys aren't raised, but this has never caused us discomfort. The backlighting could be better, but it isn't difficult at all to dial without looking--the key layout is the same on every touch-tone phone, so this isn't foreign territory. Use of the phone's software is straightforward for the most part, although there are some things that are confusing, and the manual is no help.

As for the prepaid phone service, make sure you do your research. We selected T-Mobile because the pricing options were more in-line with what our use would be. Text messages are free to receive, which is great, because instead of calling my wife to tell her something (and using airtime) I can send her a text message via e-mail, which she can read (using no airtime).

Thus far, where we are (Oakland, Livermore, Silicon Valley, CA) and where we go, coverage has been great.

If you need a basic mobile phone and don't plan to do a lot of talking, this is an excellent option.
Product features:
4-way navigation key for easy access to a variety of handy features
EMS and MMS messaging
Organizer includes calendar, calculator, alarm, and a scratch pad function
Customizable wallpaper and graphics, and 16-chord polyphonic ring tones
Java compatible

Product: Samsung E105 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 5/5
Samsung E105 Phone (T-Mobile)
What are you all talking about?

I was surprised to see how many people wrote such negative reviews on this phone, seriously...I bought this phone 7 months ago and I still love it! It's small, practical, reliable, and it makes calls and recieves calls like a breeze. I know it's kinda delecate and it scratches easily, but that's normal wear and tear. Sure the ringer tones aren't the loudest, but whenever I'm in a situation where I can't hear my ring tone, I just put it in vibrate mode. Just hold the # key and it's on. The ring tones aren't bad...I really like the "Blue Jazz" one it came with, which is what I have it set to.

It's a fun and friedly phone to has a special "tone" when you turn it on or off, it has lots of ring tones, lots of service light colors, lots of message tones, and the LCD screens on the top and bottom of the phone make it so convenient to use! The buttons and overall finish of the phone is solid. None of this flimsy crap like the Sony Erricson's have. Overall, the layout of the phone is straight forward and easy to use. It's really a nice phone.
Product features:
This sporty little model is as fun as it is stylish
Large color screen (65,000 colors)
Download MegaTones from the hottest bands
WorldClass international phone (dual band: 900 & 1900 MHz) for travel in over 100 countries
Comes with picture messaging and AOL Instant Messenger

Product: LG VX7000 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Verizon Wireless
Rating: 4/5
LG VX7000 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
Good all around phone with a few shortcomings in the package

I took a step backwards from a nice T-mobile GSM phone with bluetooth, included headset, and free data cable and transfer software to my new Verizon LG VX7000. I loved my old GSM phone for everything but making calls, the coverage, even in San Francisco was sub par. My new Verizon LG VX7000 does one thing really well and that is make and receive calls everywhere I go. It's a nice simple phone overall, slightly largish but with a big bright screen, large keypad that's easy to use, a reasonable camera (not of much interest to me), and overall it's proven easy to use. I knew before I bought this phone that it came without a data cable, had no bluetooth, and no speakerphone so I can't complain other than to say I wish when they had designed this phone they'd included a speakerphone and bluetooth but you can't have it all. With the amazon rebate this phone will be free but be aware that you have to own the phone for a half a year before you'll see that rebate check. If you're a new verizon customer I was also surprised when they told me their standard policy on all acounts is that you prepay for the upcoming month so my first bill will include the half month of service I just used as well as the base charge for the next month that I haven't used yet... that's kind of lame. The main attractor for me with this phone is that it only requires a one year agreement. I was interested in Sprint phones but to get all the rebates it required a 2 year agreement and I just don't want to commit to one phone for more than a year. Overall, I'm happy with this phone and if I had to do it over again I would still buy it. It's free after rebates, it's decent overall phone, but most importantly I get great reception everywhere I go in the san francisco bay area.
Product features:
VGA Digital video/camera with flash and rotating lens
Send and receive picture messages
Record 15-second videos and send video messages
Speed dialing and voice-activated dialing
20 unique default ringtones plus vibrate and silent alert

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