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Product: Motorola V60t Color Phone (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 5/5
Motorola V60t Color Phone (AT&T)
A true work of art !

Wow!!!What an incredible phone ... Motorola did an excellent job with this one....its got everything ,cept for a camera ...even a radio,and an exceptionally rich color screen ...although small alot better than the previous nokia 3560 which im embarassed to say I had.sound quality is so much better on this flip.I highley recommend this phone!!!Motorolas back in the competition once again
Product features:
New version of the V60 offers a large color display, plus a new larger external display
Other upgrades include 4-way navigation keys and voice digit dialing
Phonebook can store up to 500 contacts
Comes with three games: MotoGP, Mahki, and Kick Champion
Includes a changeable metal shell

Product: Sony Ericsson T637 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: AT&T Wireless
Rating: 4/5
Sony Ericsson T637 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)

the only complaint i have about this fone was the activation. it came in activated but the only problem about it was how i was able to make outgoing calls but not receive any! the voice mail activation was a whole different story..long story short, i ahd to change the number! called AT&T's customer service for a question about something else and the rep upgraded my plan to 800 anytime minutes in addition to UNLIMITED MOBILE TO MOBILE AND UNLIMITED N/W!!!! its true to size, shape, color n everything! the colors are vibrant, the battery life is looonger than i've ever had...i could keep it on standby for days and days and the battery wouldn't die on me. the neat thing about this fone is that it's pocket-sized and very slim so you can easily slip it into your pants pockets! the call log stores 30 total! the only other complaint i have is the variety of ring tones..there aren't too many to choose from and they all don't sound too good either.
Product features:
Built-in CommuniCam digital camera
Bluetooth enabled; infrared support
PC Synchronization using SyncML over WAP
Instant Messaging client - Yahoo, AOL, and ICQ supported
Organizer includes alarm clock, calculator, calendar with up to 500 entries and more

Product: LG VX6000 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Verizon Wireless
Rating: 4/5
LG VX6000 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
Better than I ever expected

I have to say that I was somewhat hesitant about purchasing this phone. After having broken just about every phone in the past I was worried that I would do the same with this one. It is the smallest phone that I have had but I must say it is the most durable. I have dropped it more times than I can count and it hasn't let me down yet. The graphics and color quality are excellent. It is a good camera phone although the pictures are not of the best quality. I love the voice dialing feature as well as the sound quality of the ring tones. It does not come with any games but you can download those for a few bucks. Overall I am very pleased and look forward the the next line of these great phones.
Product features:
Built-in camera, complete with zoom control and 3 resolution adjustments
Compact, attractive clamshell with full-color screen.
31 ring tones plus vibrating alert
Voice-activated dialing
Large, 7-line 262K TFT color display

Product: PCS Phone palmOne Treo 650 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: PalmOne
Rating: 2/5
PCS Phone palmOne Treo 650 (Sprint)
Upgrade or Downgrade from Kyocera 6035

Use the old Kyocera 6035 palm phone since 2000 and finally upgrade to the new Treo 650 this afternoon because I need it a change. The Treo 650 is very bright in color, taking pictures, video, browse the web, playing MP3, viewing JPGs and use Bluetooth to sync with my T42 very quickly. But is this design with the user in mind to use as phone?? Maybe, I list the reason below

6035 come standard with voice dial feature
650 is a fee service from Sprint

6035 come standard speed dial feature
650 there is none

6035 has the voice mail button and one click will get me to the voice or text message
650 does not appear to have one, maybe I can program a button?

6035 can select one or all calls in the call history log to delete or mange the logs
650 can only select one at time, get ready for a hand massage if you have few thousand calls in the call history and try to find someone.

6035 has a single list contact so you can navigate to the name quickly
650 show all phone number in every contact, you can get to your contact in few minutes if you got lucky.

I can write on 6035 instead of using the QWERTY key
650 be prepare an external keyboard if you have to input lots of numbers

The only thing that I'm consider to keep this phone because of Bluetooth dialup which still up in the air. But if my work requires me to get a config for my customer, I can be ready anywhere in the Sprint PCS network. Time will tell if Sprint keeps their promise.

The reason that I had a palm phone because of the convenience to use the contact and dial the person right away. But now it takes lot longer for me to make call which take away this advantage.

For $600, I think there should be a Microsoft Office reader but there is none, Acrobat reader? Noo, None of my old game works because the buttons are missing and no games come with it either. I have an older Toshiba e335 pocket PC that I can do everything Treo 650 can do plus games, writing reorganization, MS office reader, Acrobat reader and games to kill some time for under $150. Well, expect can not make phone calls.

Call me old fashion, but maybe someone can tell me how others use this as a phone and think this is the best phone ever? I waited almost 5 year to upgrade to the "Best palm phone" for over $600 and I got nothing but inconvenience and no entertainment value. Best of luck for those out there can't wait to get you hands on this phone. I would pick the HP 6315 from T-Mobile if their service wasn't sucks in NJ.

Latest update 12/22/04
The CD did come with the MS office reader and Acrobat reader and few games, but was not installed. Maybe there was not enough memory? I can program the speed dial and the voicemail button. I can get my Cablevision, Comcast, Verizon DSL with Versamail. Web access to Yahoo mail, Hotmail, iNote and SprintPCS mail.

It does not have *67 feature that was on the 6035 to block my caller ID on out going calls. There is no other way to dial a number other than the number shows on the contact. I have to copy all my conference call and pins on a piece of paper before I can dial on this phone. The 5-year 6035 old phone does not need additional paper or pens to perform a conference call. This is excellent phone for e-mail access or web access. Use as a phone, you make the judgment.

Product features:
Vibrant 320 x 320 touchscreen display
Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology
Buit-in digital camera with video capture
Innovative backlit QWERTY keyboard
Full access to Microsoft Outlook Exchange and POP3/IMAP4 email clients

Product: Motorola V66 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 3/5
Motorola V66 Phone (T-Mobile)
Very Polar Phone

I've just upgraded from a Samsung Q105 (dropped it one too many times!) to the Motorola V66. Despite the V66 being both smaller and lighter, as well as more feature packed, it is much less usable.First of all, the keypad. I have larger-than-average hands, and my thumbs cramp up very quickly using this phone. The keypad on the Q105 is of equal width and at least 1" smaller in height, and I didn't expierence the same problem. For whatever reason, the buttons on the V66 are recessed and thus are awkward to use.Second would be text messaging. The traditional ABC mode (eg hit 3 twice to get an E) is very effective, or at least moreso than my old phone. However, the predective typing feature, while a good idea, doesn't work well on a phone this small. It forces you to type one word at a time, and hit a button indicating the current word is done before you can continue typing. On a larger phone this wouldn't be an issue, but it's not possible to keep both hands on the phone to manage that many buttons at once, simply because of the size. That being said, the prediction is more accurate and has a noticablely bigger dictionary than the Q105.This phone has a good many more features than my old phone. It has more entries on the main menu, as well as having deeper menus. Unfortuanently, it has a smaller screen. It is easy to get lost in the menus. Ironically, though, of the overlapping features, the V66 is better clustered. This may seem contradictory: Basically, everything that is in options belongs in options. Phonebook belongs in phonebook. But there are too many depths within a given category.There are two phonebooks on the V66. The phonebook on the SIM card and the phonebook on the phone. This is very typical, however, the V66 forces entries to be on the phone for the majority of the advanced features. For instance, specifiying anything besides a name or number mandates the entry be on the phone. The issue this raises is portability: moving the phonebook from my old phone to this one was easy because I stored everything on the SIM. When this phone dies, I'll have to painstakingly copy each entry from the phone to the SIM so I can transfer to my next cell phone. If its still reachable, anyway.The size of this phone, and weight, are very nice. Its clamshell design makes it very short, while maintaining the same width and depth as my previus phone. It has very good sound, and I'm satisified with its battery life (so far anyway). Cost wise, this is a very effective phone as well. It's inexpensive, and despite its shortcomings is usable. If you have the money, I'd reccomend something "nicer" than this one, but given its low price, this isnt a bad phone at all.
Product features:
Voice activated dialing
Internet ready with optional T-Zones service
32 different ringer options
Phone Book holds up to 500 entries
Includes phone, AC charger, and earbud

Product: Sony Ericsson Z500a Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Rating: 4/5
Sony Ericsson Z500a Phone (Cingular)
A Teen's Phone

Let me tell you, as a teen, this phone is awesome! It has everything a typicall teen needs in a phone: media messaging, yahoo and aim, mp3 ringers, and a digital camera. I have had it for a couple of months myself.

Lets start with the appearance: all the girls that have seen it said it was ugly. All the guys look at it in awe and go "that is AWESOME," then they all envy me. Dunno whats going on there. The Interior is OK. The oversizes keys are nice, because i usually hit the wrong numbers on other phones and end up dialing the police department when i wanna call bob or something like that. The screen is pretty good, 65k colors, as is the outside display, and it seems as if Sony is favoring this screen size.

Durability: hey, real nice. I have dropped this phone ALOT, the worst that happened was that it froze and i had to turn it on and off again.

other stuff: cingular charges alot for ringers, but there are alot of free site sout there. it plays mp3s really nice. when i bought the phone, sony gave me a free download.... Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow =). People hate me even more. I have also gotton other games like monopoly.

this phone transfers data insanely fast. I have heard people say the camera sucks, but it dosn't. the smaller the picture, the better quality, and it is most noticeable on your computer. The small pictures are perfect once they reacch your computer. I dont really like the video though. The phone isn't big... other phone are just small. It fits my hand perfectly, as welll as my pocket.

One thing i dont like is that AIm is on the menu, while yahoo isn''t... you have to acually go iinto the browser to open it up, but thats ok, i don't use yahooo alot. this phone has been very helpfull to me with it's internet access. I have used mobile mapquest and yeloow pages countless times.... parents always seem to get lost these days.

very nice phone.
Product features:
Integrated VGA still and video camera with zoom and brightness control
MMS (multimedia messaging service) capable
Mobile instant messaging using AOL Instant Messenger
Polyphonic speaker and downloadable ringtones
128 x 160, 65,000-color main display and 4,000-color supplementary display

Product: PCS Phone Hitachi P300 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 4/5
PCS Phone Hitachi P300 (Sprint)
High Marks!

I've had wireless phone service for years. This Hitachi/Sprint PCS phone has, so far, been my favorite. It's very light, it's packed with features, and the price has been excellent. It's especially easy to silence the phone, via a separate switch on the top, without having to punch any keys. Another plus is that this model accepts standard sized headset jacks...many mobile phones do not.
Product features:
Color display for enhanced Web-surfing, game playing and more
Caller, ringer, and picture id
Phone book with up to 200 entries, each storing 5 numbers for a total of 1000 entries
3.5 hours of continuous talk time or up to 10 days of standby time
Includes battery, charger and user documentation

Product: Jabra FreeSpeak BT250 Bluetooth Headset
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Jabra
Rating: 3/5
Jabra FreeSpeak BT250 Bluetooth Headset
So far not a big fan.

First, I'm totally willing to plead user error (but I don't think so). I bought this item because of CNET's high marks. After successfully pairing it, I found in the manual there were special pairing instructions for my phone (T-610) to get extra features. Since re-pairing it, I no longer get a voice activation prompt and have to guess when to say my contact name.

Also, the manual specifies that wireless networks will interfere with Jabra's reception and cause popping. Thank goodness there aren't any of those around! Seriously, these days every Starbucks on the planet has a wireless network up and running.

But my biggest gripe is the inoperable voice dialing. I get "no match" after "no match." My guess is that the ambient noise when you record your voice names has to match up with the ambient noise when you make the handsfree call. (i.e. the interior of my car sounds different than my office or living room).

Finally, my email to Jabra tech support has gone unanswered (24 hours).

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and will happily edit this review should things work out better. I'm going to try resetting and re-pairing.
Product features:
Wireless, cord free, lightweight Bluetooth headset offers best design and performance
Works up to 33 feet away from phone, 8 hour talk time, 240-hour/10-day standby time
Comfortable secure fit, superior audio quality, weighs less than 1 ounce
Multi-function button - Supports voice-activated dialing and answer/end commands in most phones
Works in either ear, two size MiniGels (standard and small) included for superior sound clarity

Product: Samsung C225 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 1/5
Samsung C225 Phone (T-Mobile)
Piece of Junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This phone is a piece of junk!!!! The battery life is short, the reception is terrible, and the phone freezes. On top of that, T-Mobile has the worst customer service. Never buy this phone or any phone with T-Mobile! They rip you off!!!!
Product features:
Ordinary menus and images become extraordinary with a bright, brilliant 65,000-color screen.
Experience constant connectivity while on the go with high-speed, always on Internet connection-with a touch of a button, access movie times, sports scores, restaurant locations is quick and easy.
Need to communicate but can't make a call? Use AOL Instant Messenger to chat in real time with compatible phones and PCs.
Be unique and turn heads with a festive ringtone by accessing pre-loaded content or downloading the latest ringtones, images and games.
Talk time up to 2.5 hours standby time up to 6 days.

Product: Motorola "Y" Charger Adapter
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 3/5
Motorola "Y" Charger Adapter
Doesn't fit RAZR V3.

I'd bought this "Y" cable with the expectation that I'd be able to charge my RAZR V3 on one of the "Y"'s output connectors, and a Motorola Bluetooth unit on the other - they have dissimilar sockets, requiring separate chargers/connectors (???). This cable appeared to be a purchasable solution.

Unfortunately, both output connectors matched the Bluetooth adapter; neither the input connector nor the output connectors fit my RAZR V3 phone or its charger.
Product features:
The Charger Adapter CH605 plugs into your existing Motorola wall charger or car charger
Perfect for charging your Motorola phone and Bluetooth® companion product
Ideal charging solution if only one power outlet is available
For charging a handset and accessory only
Not for charging 2 handsets simultaneously

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