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Product: LG VX4600 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Verizon Wireless
Rating: 5/5
LG VX4600 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
A solid phone

I was a little leary about buying a phone that I hadn't seen (held or used) over the Internet (this phone is only sold through Verizon'z online store. They do not offer it in their stores). But I was pleasently suprised when it arrived. It has a fairly small form factor which makes it easy to slip in a pocket. It is also very well made. It seems very solid, even for a small phone. The menus are well done and easy to use and I enjoy the interface more than other phones I have had.

The external OELD is neat, but you must know that the longest setting it can be set to is 3 minutes and then it shuts off. You can't keep it on all the time. Also, there is no LED indicator to let you know about missed calls, voicemail and the like. You have to press the volume button to activate the OELD and then it will indicate if there were any missed messages. If this bothers you, then I wouldn't reccommend buying. To me, these are small issues. To others they may not be.

This phone really looks nice too. The combination silver/dark blue finish along with its design really makes it stand out. This was a very well thought out phone aesthetically speaking.

All in all, this is a great phone. If the absence of an 'always on' external display isn't a big factor, and you are looking into getting this phone, I would suggest you do. I think you'll like it!
Product features:
High-end quality, style and essential functionality
Cool clamshell design, high-resolution internal color display
OEL (Organic Electro-Luminescent) screen make an undeniable statement of style.
Blue Backlit Keypad & 5-Way Navigation Key
36 Embedded Ring Tones plus Vibrate Mode

Product: Motorola MPx200 Smartphone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: AT&T Wireless
Rating: 5/5
Motorola MPx200 Smartphone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Class phone ! Not so great but OK AT&T Service !

Much has been said about the phone, so let me talk about 'Number porting' with AT&T, which I think has not been reviewed here before. If you havent noticed, Amazon does not provide number porting for AT&T, atleast as of now. Get the phone activated with Amazon and the phone should arrive with a preset number. Go to the nearest AT&T mobile shop (and remember Go in person, dont try calling them, or if you do, do it at 1AM when the whole world is sleeping). Take your old carrier invoice, and the whole process is easy.I got the number transferred in 1 day (Yeah no typing mistake ! 1 day). You dont have to change the SIM, AT&T updates the existing SIM in your phone with 'Your' Number. Easy does it.There have been some hiccups in the online customer care, it still shows 'View Minutes' information for the old phone, but I hope this is a temporary problem. I live in the phoenix area, and I have had no issues with coverage. If only AT&T corrected their poor customer service and actually trained people (one person that I tried to reach had no idea about porting !!!)....All in all A Class phone and an OK AT&T Service !!!!
Product features:
The Motorola MPx200 Smartphone does it all by combining all the functionality you need into a single, pocket-size package
Windows Mobile software brings the familiar Windows experience to the palm of your hand
You can synchronize everything with your desktop PC -- automatically -- with a USB connection, or over the air
Functionality allows you to download music, games, video clips, and ring tones
Watch videos, news clips, and film trailers anywhere you go

Product: Sony Ericsson T68is Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Ericsson
Rating: 1/5
Sony Ericsson T68is Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Horrible Phone

The bells and whistles of this phone are nice -- when it works. There are two problems with this phone, and they're big ones. First, the reception on this phone is terrible, it drops calls constantly and that's when you're fortunate enought to have enough reception to recieve or make a phonecall. Other GSM phones will have full coverage, but the T68i won't even have any service. It's quite annoying when you can't make a call at a stoplight and you look around and see that everyone else can. Secondly, the phone constantly freezes up. It has these steps that it takes to make a call after you hit send and durring these steps the phone will simply stop and go back to its main screen. Be prepared to hit send two, three, or sometimes four times. Don't get this phone; and better yet, stay away from AT&T, because with their service it's quite difficult to reach out and touch somebody.
Product features:
GPRS connection for quick Internet access
Bluetooth connectivity for wireless data transfer between other Bluetooth devices
Color display with customizable screen savers
Easy operation and menu navigation with joystick
Includes battery, rapid charger, and handsfree headset

Product: Motorola HS820 Bluetooth Headset - Gloss Black
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 4/5
Motorola HS820 Bluetooth Headset - Gloss Black
Out of the two Ive owned , this one is king

I have used this headset for about 5 hours now on 1 hour charge. The reception is clear on both ends. My main and only problem with this device is that when you put the volume to loud it echos continuously because the speaker is no more than 1.5 inches away from the microphone. This causes feedback to continually generate resulting in having to lower the volume to its original setting. I am sure that this problem plagues all of these bluetooth headsets. Although the above could be annoying, I am happy with this one, it is sterdy and nice looking.
Product features:
Simply turn the headset on, place it on your ear and a Bluetooth® link is automatically established
The multifunction button allows you to place, receive or end calls, all with the push of a button!
With Bluetooth wireless technology, devices work together even up to 10 meters (30 feet) away.
The overall compact size and lightweight (less than 20g) allows for easy storage when not in use
Lengthy talk and standby times include up to 6 hours of talk time or 100 hours of standby time from a single full charge

Product: Samsung 426 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: AT&T Wireless
Rating: 4/5
Samsung 426 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Missing a few things.

Much better than a Nokia I had. Reception is better but still not great. I blame AT&T for that. This phone is nice and small. I like the clam shell design. It does not flip as easily as the Motorola that is similar in size and price. I agree 100% with another review, THE TONES ARE HORRIBLE. Another feature missing that I miss is auto-update of time and date. I travel extesively and I now have to manually adjust the time. The ear piece is OK. Buy one that fits your ear. Bottom like good phone not great.
Product features:
Samsung 426 is notable for its thin profile, light weight, and large, bright color display
Includes GPRS high-speed data and Java downloadable applications
Features 40-chord polyphonic ringtones
Holds 7 hours of talk time and 216 hours of standby time
Supports wireless Internet and text messaging

Product: Motorola RAZR V3 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 4/5
Motorola RAZR V3 Phone (Cingular)
Early adopter

First impression, surface area is larger than my current Samsung i600 which is a large phone but depth may make up for that. The phone is nice and light.

Beware, this is not cased entirely in aluminm as I envisioned from the Motorola description, it has an aluminum battery cover over the top half of the back and the front of the flip; the rest of the phone is typical cell phone plastic. I would estimate that the phone is 60% plastic on the outside when flipped open. The aluminum battery cover does not fit well and has to be forced down to cover the lower outside seams.

So far, I am not at all impressed with the craftsmanship of this highly touted flagship. I will update my review and adjust the star rating accordingly after I have charged it and had a few days of use.

ok, so I have my phone charged and have had time to fiddle with it. The reason I orignally chose this phone was for bluetooth in the smallest form factor I could find and I will give it high ranks for this. I have been using a Samsung i600 smartphone that has integrated Microsoft Outlook, Calendar, and Contacts but made for a very large phone. With this phone I can now take my HP iPaq with me when I need email and sync over the bluetooth connection and leave the bulk at home on the weekend when all I need is a phone, This is working beutifuly and I am very pleased with the functionality.

I still give the phone low grades for construction. I have had samsungs for my last two phones and a Motorola before those. As with the last Motorola I owned years ago, this one has an extrememly flimsy flip joint that seems destined to break. It already has a significant amount of play in it when opened. To make the matter worse, the phone has had all of the quick buttons that are normally placed on the sides of the lower half of the flip (where you hold the phone) placed on the top instead. Beyond thea complete ergonomic blunder, the buttons are very hard to press in and if the other side is not supported by your hand, the entire top of the unit kicks over to the side at the flip joint. Enough said in the other review about the usual lacking sense of the Motorola menu system. One additional missing feature (may be in there but I can't find it anywhere) that I thought was required in the US now is the location based 911. My last phone had this with the setting of on all the time or only when dialing 911.

All in all, it is a sleek looking phone with the great added benefit of bluetooth but packs the luggage of Motorola's deficient attention to sturdy construction and ergonomic controls. I would recomend waiting for the next version of this phone or for a Samsung equivelant if I had it to do again.

Had the opportunity to experiece two 'drop tests'. Dropped once from waist level onto hardwood floor and once onto concrete. Neither drop seems to have affected the phone although the concrete did knock the battery cover off but it went back on with no misfit. Bluetooth has amazing range; extends beyond my 802.11g when syncing to my iPaq. The woindows Pocket PC 2003 contacts menu item to dial via bluetooth works and is a nice substitution for the lacking phone contact storage when I have the iPaq handy. Still very disappointed in the Motorola menu system but this is my only lasting complaint at this point outside of the amount of plastic construction. The Cingular network is operating very well in the my area of the country and has better coverage than Verizon since Verizon gave up analog. I have had a few reception problems but not as nearly as many as I have become accustomed to with Verizon over the last year.
Product features:
Razor-thin aircraft aluminum case
Bluetooth wireless technology
MPEG4 video playback
Built-in speakerphone
Digital camera with 4x digital zoom

Product: PCS Phone Nokia 3585 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 1/5
PCS Phone Nokia 3585 (Sprint)
speakerphone 24/7

This phone is good... it doesn't have all (or even very many) of the deluxe features that the more expensive ones do. There's no internet browsing or downloading (if you have Sprint). But it does get better reception and clarity than any phone I've had before. This is the first phone that has ever gotten a signal in my room, which I am grateful for. But I am looking for a new phone right now because I want to be able to download ringers and check my email. If you don't want these things, this phone is your best bet for the money.
Product features:
Highly customizable phone allows user to customize ring tones, graphics, and covers
Large grayscale screen supports 96x65 pixels and 4 shades of gray
Games include Space Impact, Bumper, Snake II, and Snowboard -- plus, user can download more via Java
Phonebook stores up to 500 entries with multiple contact numbers
Phone also includes Alarm clock, Calendar, Voice recorder (1 minute), Calculator, and Stopwatch

Product: Motorola MPx200 Smartphone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: AT&T Wireless
Rating: 3/5
Motorola MPx200 Smartphone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Great phone. Terrible ser ice.

It has a nice clear screen and the reception is good. A calculator, e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, a HUGE address book (room for several phone numbers, mailing addresses, web address, birthday and anniversary info.) calendar, and internet, caller ID, voicemail..However, I can stay on the phone for awhile outdoors, but it drops calls after one minute when I'm indoors.
Product features:
The Motorola MPx200 Smartphone does it all by combining all the functionality you need into a single, pocket-size package
Windows Mobile software brings the familiar Windows experience to the palm of your hand
You can synchronize everything with your desktop PC -- automatically -- with a USB connection, or over the air
Functionality allows you to download music, games, video clips, and ring tones
Watch videos, news clips, and film trailers anywhere you go

Product: Nokia 3650 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 4/5
Nokia 3650 Phone (T-Mobile)
My little Celebrity

I was worried about the reviews of this phone being too large or the buttons being hard to use, but I have had my phone for roughly two months and I absolutely love it - not to mention the fact that it was a major star of last week's Alias episode (oh so cool!) This is a great phone and I highly recommend it.
Product features:
Wireless phone with integrated video/digital camera
3.4 MB on board storage, MultiMediaCard expansion slot
Oversized display for MP4 video playback
High-speed internet access, supports Java-based downloads
Integrated Bluetooth connectivity for data transmission to other Bluetooth devices

Product: Samsung E315 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 3/5
Samsung E315 Phone (T-Mobile)
just okay

I bought my samsung e315 about 2 months ago.

Positive features
It takes pictures, easy to use menu, flip, small and compact.

Negavtive features
Drops calls (i have gone gone to t-mobile to replace the phone because of this. i was told that it was a common occurance. If the calls drop on the new e315 as it did on this one, i will probably look into getting a new phone) and no speaker phone. I can not lock the key pad (since i have a child, it would be nice to lock it if he gets his hands on it.)

Every phone has their pros and cons. I would've given the phone more stars and a better review if it wasn't for the drop calls...which in my opinion is a huge negative.
Product features:
Ultralight with dual color displays
Built-in VGA camera
Java capable
Voice recorder
Includes phone and travel charger

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