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Product: HP iPAQ h6315 PDA Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: CE
Manufacturer: VoiceStream
Rating: 5/5
HP iPAQ h6315 PDA Phone (T-Mobile)
A realistic review

This is the first review I've written on Amazon. I'm writing this because I read all the reviews for this product, and some of the information is somewhat misleading for a variety of reasons. I read these reviews, and bought the item, and I didn't experience ANY of these "problems".

I'm going to respond to some other reviewers comments, and then add some of my own notes. I hope this helps, and you can scroll to the bottom for the summary if you get bored.

Overall this is a very good product. The companies involved (HP and TMobile) are apparently paying attention because I happily discovered that many of the things that ppl are complaining about have been fixed.

First, yes, this phone has either a 186 or 200 MHz processor depending on how you measure it. This proved to be plenty fast enough for my purposes (read: actual work). Bitstream's Thunderhawk, for example, (runs 800x600 resolution when browsing) runs ok on it but not great. If it had a faster processor, you really would *not* be able to use it as a cell phone. Battery life is excellent, btw.

I was really worried about the review that said that he kept picking up wifi points everywhere when driving and that interupted his browsing. I don't know if this was "fixed" or a "user error" but when I connect to tmobile directly there is a button that says "turn off wi-fi". So that "concern" was, happily, a non issue.

Screen brightness is excellent! keep in mind that it will use more battery, but battery will still be good.

Memory: so so. you want to buy an sd card and move everything possible over to it. Then this also is a non issue.

The "earlobe" problem. I use a bluetooth headset, and frankly, you should too. I've used it up to my face and its fine. I guess if you have bulbous cheeks or giant earlobes, then this might not be the phone for you.

In response to the person who was upset about accessory prices, anyone who buys the accessories needs to go to other sites to find better deals (like amazon).

Second, the phone shutting off occasionally. I've had my phone for a month and this only happens when I accidently change the power save mode.

Now I was a sprint customer for many years, and used to sprint's foibles (bad customer service). I picked the Tmobile Ipaq over Sprints Hitachi G1000 because it had the removable keyboard, bluetooth, and wifi. It appeared in my research that the hitachi had no wifi or bluetooth. Actually whats funny is that when you look at the reviews of the Hitachi everyone is complaining that you can't remove the keyboard, and here people are complaining that you can. Bottom line on that: flexibility is good. Don't consider the fact that you can take the keyboard off to be a bad thing.

Tmobile's customer service has been fantastic, and I can see why they won the award from JD Power. You'll have no worries here. They will even let you return the phone in 7 days. If that doesn't make you feel comfortable trying it then nothing will. When I called about the inability to register for myTmobile, the guy told me it can take up to 72 hours after purchase before you can register, but more importantly he was a guru on the 6315 and answered a bunch of non critical questions that I had after he answered my primary question. I didn't have to interface with HP on anything so I can't comment on that.

Sound: it is low. if you use a bluetooth headset, or set it to vibe, this is a non issue.

This device is a good device that does everything it claims to do. Most of the cons I see listed here were simply not the case. I usually found them to simply be untrue.

The true cons (all of which are easily fixed) are:

1) Memory: (almost) required purchase of SD card (not much $)
2) Ringer volume: (use a bluetooth headset or vibe)
3) Video: I believe that you're really using the device for the wrong purpose (I think that thats like saying "I can't play the new Half Life on my budget model emachine notebook"). I understand the desire, and agree it could be better.

The bottom line is that if you buy this device I think it is extremely likely that you *will* be perfectly content, as long as you don't expect it to completely replace your laptop. It will replace it 80%, but your laptop wasn't a very good cell phone either (I am picturing a guy holding his laptop up to his cheek), so its really a wash.

(The guy who gave it one star had an axe to grind. His list of cons was, in my experience, mostly fiction.)

Product features:
Microsoft Windows Mobile™ 2003 software for Pocket PC, Phone Edition
3.5" Transreflective color display, 240x320 pixels, 64k color support with touch screen
Integrated Bluetooth, Camera and WiFi
International phone: Quad-band (1900, 1800, 900, 850 MHz)
Snap on QWERTY keyboard

Product: PCS Phone Samsung i500 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 5/5
PCS Phone Samsung i500 (Sprint)
Sweet phone

This cell phone PDA combination is great. The screen is bright, the numbers light up and the front flips down to protect the viewing screen. The phone seems well made and can stand up to front pocket use. I previously had a older kyocera phone PDA combo but it was bulky and had a hard time getting the software to sync on my laptop. This phone is much better. The only problem I have had is retrieving emails. I am not sure but I think sprint wants you to pay for an additional monthly fee to have email access.
Product features:
This tri-mode CDMA phone from Samsung is one of Sprint PCS's flagship 3G phones
Large color display supports 4,096 colors (128x160 pixels)
Comes with personal calendar, date book, address book, to-do, and HotSync
Supports wireless Internet (WAP 2.0) and text messaging
Stylish phone features a graphical menu and polyphonic ringtones

Product: Kyocera K7 Rave Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: KYOCERA
Rating: 4/5
Kyocera K7 Rave Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Raves about the K-7 Rave

My husband and I both use Virgin Mobile, it's great for quick calls to figure out where we are, or in emergencies. This is not good for long chats. I love it! I use about $20 worth of min. every 3 mo.! The K-7 is a good phone.
Product features:
Dazzling blue backlighting
Supports 2-way text messaging, 1-touch and voice dialing
Comes equipped with polyphonic ring tones, built-in flashlight, and 3 games
Battery allows for up to 3.5 hours of talk time and 7.5 days of standby time
Uses Virgin Mobile software for access to Virgin Mobile's services and VirginXtras

Product: Sony Ericsson T637 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: AT&T Wireless
Rating: 2/5
Sony Ericsson T637 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
hours to get phone up and active

Recently I have bought two of these phones from amazon with 1 year contract. I am yet to explore phone to see how great it is.
Called up AT&T to put both phones on family share plan. First Q CR asked me, "are u sure it is AT&T phone? you better go to any cingular store and get it activated. you may not be able to figure out whether it is AT&T or cingular phone".
After transfering to 3 CRs, another surprise I recieved from CR is, "you loose all promotions. You are going to have only 400 minutes, no nights and weekend, no aditional minutes."

CR gave me two suggestions, "return AT&T phone and buy new phone from cingular store or keep two individual plans that way, you will not loose all promotions".

I was not willing to pay extra money and decided to cancel the service, after an hour struggle another CR agreed to give me unlimited N&W, unlimited MTM, 450 minutes to share.this is all for 39.99+9.99 per line.

after couple of hours I called back to validate if everything is okay, i had unlimited N&W, 1000 MTM, 450 anytime to share.this is for 39.99+19.99.
They could not give me previous CR promised deal and they don't have any proof of that.

this is again another one hour chat after being transfered into 5 departments and CRs.
Every CR I spoke, said "I wonder who activated new service for AT&T. we are not selling any new phones for AT&T plans".
They clarified me saying that they support AT&T and DO NOT encourage AT&T plans.

my experience may not be with phone. but this item is phone plus service.So, I believe having good serivce also is as important as having good phone.

I would suggest you keep off from AT&T plans.

hope this helps.
Product features:
Built-in CommuniCam digital camera
Bluetooth enabled; infrared support
PC Synchronization using SyncML over WAP
Instant Messaging client - Yahoo, AOL, and ICQ supported
Organizer includes alarm clock, calculator, calendar with up to 500 entries and more

Product: Motorola V60iT Prepaid Phone (TracFone)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: TracFone
Rating: 1/5
Motorola V60iT Prepaid Phone (TracFone)
Worst Customer Service on the planet

Tracfone is a nightmare. Activating the phone takes over an hour of entering crazy long streams of numbers. Worst customer service imaginable.
Product features:
Features free voice mail, free caller ID, free call waiting
Stores up to 500 names and numbers
Voice activated dialing and recording
Standby time up to 10 days in digital service area
TracFone Airtime Balance Display shows you how much airtime you've used and how much is left, so you control your costs

Product: PCS Phone Samsung VGA1000 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 4/5
PCS Phone Samsung VGA1000 (Sprint)
Great Phone

I came back to Sprint as an unhappy customer due to dropped calls and roaming in the suburbs where I should have had coverage. This was years ago, Sprint has improved their network a lot. In the city of Chicago, coverage is excellent. I have full signal bars with no fading. In the suburbs, I get about 1-3 bars, but I can still carry on a conversation with one bar. I was skeptical at first but it will hold the call. There are dropped calls, but not many. I bought the Samsung VGA-1000 knewing it would be a top model. I like it alot. It is very easy to use and take pictures. Text messaging is a pain, though having to go online and only being able to text Sprint PCS customers. Sound quality is probably the best I have ever had and I have had about 20 cell phones with almost every carrier out there. Switching from ear to ear is no problem and the volume levels adjust to hear in even loud environments. I also bought a Jabra headset which works well while driving. There have been some issues that Sprint and Samsung cannot answer for me. With Sprint PCS Vision, the phone locks up now and then not allowing for calls not to be made or recieved. You must take the battery out and repower the phone on or try to access the web and end it. That's about it. The phone has a lot of room for downloads like ringers. The battery life is very good for a color screen phone. I bought the Samsung grey holster extra which you really don't need. It does hold the phone well and it rotates. The strap that comes with adds a nice touch and can be put around your wrist so you don't drop the phone. So, in all, a solid phone with great features and sound quality which was very important to me. I would definitely buy another Samsung. I have my eye on the Samsung A-600 with rotating screen, but my wife said if I get it, I 'll be single so I'll keep my VGA-1000.
Product features:
This tri-mode CDMA phone comes with a large color display that supports 65,000 colors
Comes with integrated camera with flash
Equipped with voice activated dailing
Supports wireless Internet (WAP 2.0) and text messaging
Phone book can carry up to 250 contacts

Product: T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 5/5
T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone (T-Mobile)
This is a short version of a column I did about Sidekick II

I spend a lot of my time driving on country roads. My constant companion is my personal data assistant, the Sidekick II.

For an initial investment of $199, my Sidekick II PDA allows me to get my email, browse on the internet, and keep track of my contacts. It even has an integrated camera and cell phone.

Although my Sidekick II is always with me, when I drive down country roads it is not likely to connect. It works best in larger cities with strong economies. It does not work well in many small towns.

My Sidekick's ability to connect is a great indicator of how the economy of the nation is divided. The large cities and better heeled communities have good wireless access, the poorer counties do not.

The Sidekick is the most important business tool I own. It allows me to receive and respond to emails all day. I use it to keep up with breaking news and search for information on the internet. I can return phone calls. I can do anything I need to do in an office. It completely changed how I do business.

Many of my friends have the Blackberry, which is more expensive and does not have as many features as a Sidekick II. They also agree that the wireless connection changed their business.

I've never met a Sidekick owner who gave one up voluntarily. Personal data assistants are more addictive than crack cocaine. Once you have one, it changes your world.

I know what a high quality wireless connection has done for my business and what it could do in other industries. Shop keepers and craftspeople can sell their wares anywhere in the world. You can contact the best specialist in a medical or business field and get the exact answer you want. Expertise can always be available.

Even if your expert is driving home on a country road.

Don McNay is President of McNay Settlement Group in Richmond where we want people to connect with us. He is a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. You can email him at or read other things he has written at
Product features:
Real web browsing
Built-in camera with flash
Built-in organizer with PC synchronization
Photo caller ID
AOL Instant Messenger, text messaging, 6 MB email account

Product: Jabra Classic EarSet for Phones with a 2.5mm Jack
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Jabra
Rating: 5/5
Jabra Classic EarSet for Phones with a 2.5mm Jack
Very comfortable

The Jabra EarSet sounds like a fabulous idea - the whole assembly right in your earpiece, no microphone on a stick, no microphone on a string. Unfortunately, if your ears aren't fairly close to the size of the ear gels, the earpiece either falls out of your ear or causes it substantial pain. To make matters worse, the EarSet really cuts the high frequencies, making the people you're talking to sound like they are speaking through a wet bath towel. But that's okay, since as far as they're concerned you're talking to them through a paper towel tube.I purchased my EarSet about two years ago, so the product you buy here may be better.
Product features:
Increased hands-free safety
Unidirectional microphone hidden in earpiece
Washable and healthier for ears than earpads
EarGels secure the EarSet in outer ear for hours of comfortable wear
Compatible with Motorola phones with 2.5mm jack

Product: PCS Phone Sanyo RL-4920 (Sprint)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Sanyo
Rating: 5/5
PCS Phone Sanyo RL-4920 (Sprint)
Worthy Successor to the 4900

For the last two years, I've carried a Sanyo 4900, which has been well known as being the best phone available for Sprint PCS users, with it's unmatched reception strength and lengthy battery life. I'd still be carrying mine except for an unfortunate incident with a washing machine. This phone, the 4920, follows up and improves upon that tradition.

The reception is just as good as the 4900, and the battery life, if anything, is better. The USB cable I bought at Radio Shack still allows me access to the Internet from my Powerbook, and I can still use my old chargers.

In addition, the phone is slightly smaller, and the new screen and GUI is much prettier with more vibrant and lifelike colors. Navigation is faster, web browsing is faster, and it's packed with nice little features like showing the state of origin of an incoming call.

So, if you are a 4900 user like me, and are worried about ever getting a better phone, and don't need it to take pictures or other non-phone nonsense, then this is your next phone.
Product features:
Power up with this compact bar phone
Stay connected with a high-quality built-in speakerphone
Features nationwide walkie-talkie-style communication with Sprint PCS Ready Link.
Digital voice memo recorder with up to 50 minutes of record time (up to 20 memos)
Alarm clock and world clock

Product: Motorola RAZR V3 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 3/5
Motorola RAZR V3 Phone (T-Mobile)
too late and too expensive

It comes too late and Cingular have already offered it for free for 2 years contract. Unless you like the phone + service from T-mobile.
Product features:
Razor-thin aircraft aluminum case
Bluetooth wireless technology
MPEG4 video playback
Built-in speakerphone
Digital camera with 4x digital zoom

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Monster Cable iCable for iPod

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