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Product: T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 5/5
T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone (T-Mobile)
A little boy named ali manhadajajoajn

Let me enlighten you with a diminutive anecdote prior to getting on track. One day a young man was extraordinarily jaded, so he decided to pop in to his neighboring phone shop and get something to keep him entertained and in the crook of the utmost shelf, he saw the T-Mobile Sidekick II Phone. Bearing in mind that he had heard good things about it from other places, he decided to procure it and give it a try, although he was a little irresolute if he was spending his riches wisely. When he got home he put the phone in his sock and didn't see daylight until the phone had been run over by an elephant in new jersey, because he decided to return it late because he wanted to make up an alibi that would let him return it. Guess who that little boy was, no not Jesus, it was little ali manhadajajoajn. I thought this phone was so good that when I had the funds I bought myself one, because I knew that subsequent to seeing it with a stranger who followed me on the streets for 20 blocks, after school, I would never regret spending my money on this functional piece of crap. That was about a month ago and I still love this garbage to this very day. Onto minutiae..... T-Mobile does it yet again and releases yet another saga to the T-Mobile Sidekick succession, and just in time too because I had to make a birthday call to my son a month ago and I lost my cell phone, which was the only phone I had at the time, so I'm happy that now I can call him. It's also T-Mobile's 259th anniversary. Before I embark let me say that this is my foremost review for this piece of handy litter that isn't desirable at all but I worship it. And also that I am flaxen when it comes to rating practical debris that no one really desires, it just fills a void in the heart.... who would have thought this piece of rubbish could fill it. You will however never see me give a phone a 10/10, because no phone is just what the doctor ordered, they all have there flaws.
Product features:
Real web browsing
Built-in camera with flash
Built-in organizer with PC synchronization
Photo caller ID
AOL Instant Messenger, text messaging, 6 MB email account

Product: Motorola V600 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 4/5
Motorola V600 Phone (T-Mobile)
Tips for Mac users

Overall, the phone is working well for me. The setup of the phone book is taking a little getting used to. Since you can't type a contact's name in the keyboard to dial their number, I am switching to using the voice dial, which seems to work well if you give it enough syllables. Pictures are decent and the battery life is good, if you avoid doing partial charges.

This is the big tip for the Mac users. Buy the official Motorola USB cable (Cat number skn6311a) and you can synchronize your Address Book and iCal entries using iSync. No additional software is necessary. Other cables may not work. (I tried one other and got no response) Supposedly, iSync over Bluetooth isn't supported, so I'd recommend just paying the $15 to order a cable from an on-line distributor.

Another tip, it's probably worth buying a second battery. This phone has wierd behavior on charging. If you are talking on the phone and the batteries run out, and you plug in the power adaptor, the phone will still run out of power and die. If the battery is dead and you start charging the phone, you cannot turn the phone on. You have to charge it for a few minutes, unplug the power adaptor, turn the phone on and then re-plug the power adaptor. It's a pretty brain-dead design flaw if you ask me, but I intend to just run down each battery completely and swap to a fully charged one every time. (This should ensure longer battery life anyhow.)
Product features:
Colorful customizable external display
VGA camera with 4x digital zoom
Integrated Bluetooth for wireless data connectivity
5 MB internal memory for downloadable applications, ringtones, wallpapers, and photos
Large 65,000-color display with video playback

Product: Kyocera Slider V5 MTV Edition Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Virgin Mobile
Rating: 4/5
Kyocera Slider V5 MTV Edition Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Best phone I've ever owned

I got my Virgin Mobile Slider a few weeks after it was released. One of the first things I noticed was how many people were complimenting it. Some couldn't believe I could get such a sweet phone on a prepay plan. It's got so many features that I could never possibly find a use for all of them. But my favorites include the access to both VH1 to go and *MTV (accessing these sites doesn't use airtime), downloadable ringtones, and the versions of Tetris and Brick Attack (similar to Atari's Breakout). The screen is large and full color, which is very nice, and the phone even has a feature that regulates a call's volume based on the amount of background noise present. The keypad buttons are pretty small but that hasn't really been a problem yet. However, there are a few drawbacks to the phone- for example, the only sites Virgin Mobile allows access to are VH1togo, *MTV, and Virgin Mobile USA. Another bad point is the vibration feature- the vibration is very weak and difficult to detect. Along the same lines, some of the ringtones are kind of quiet and hard to hear- even on the loudest volume setting. Still, it's the best phone to get if you don't want to have to be bound to a contract.
Product features:
No prepaid minutes included. Comes with charger.
Unique sliding design - phone slides open with the push of a thumb
Full-color screen
Downloadable, polyphonic ringtones and vibrate alert
2-way text messaging, 1-touch and voice dialing

Product: Motorola V600 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 3/5
Motorola V600 Phone (T-Mobile)
The phone is good if ya Baby her

this phone is a good heavy strong outer coated phone, but whatever you do, don't let these things fool you, treat this phone like a baby when you first buy it. Don't drop it, don't close the phone hard, if u do, u will know cause a white screen will let u know, then its take the battery out put it back in and start all over.

I paid $400 for the phone, and when it was ready to be sent back to get a new(don't tell me everyone hasn't dropped their phone a time or 2) point being if you send it back after paying full insurance and they say we will send you a repaired phone( i don't wont repaired phones that someone else broke, but it is cheaper than i can get mine fixed), ya it all begins there. you will never get a brand new phone and are dealing with fixed ones until you buy another one.

Other than that fact, the phone is one of the best I have had, all 3 of em(i use for work and i put em thru h*ll),the strong signal and loud speakers help the main function of the phone if thats what ur looking for. ( o and for the people that have the problems with the buttons on the outside of the phone making noise while in your pocket or changing your settings, go into your looks and lock just those keys out u don't need em anyway)
Product features:
Colorful customizable external display
VGA camera with 4x digital zoom
Integrated Bluetooth for wireless data connectivity
5 MB internal memory for downloadable applications, ringtones, wallpapers, and photos
Large 65,000-color display with video playback

Product: Nokia 6620 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Cingular
Rating: 4/5
Nokia 6620 Phone (Cingular)
Adam Grossman

I've had the Nokia 6620 since Sep04. I purchased it as a bridge between a PDA and cell phone. I tried the Palm Treo 600 and was not impressed. The Nokia 6620 is adequate as a PIM, but still does not work as well as a stand-alone PDA. During the first few months, it would periodically lock up and the only way to re-boot would be to remove the battery. The problem resolved as mysteriously as it began, with no action on my part. The phone is feature rich and the camera was an unexpected bonus. I originally did not think I would use the camera, but have found over time it has been quite handy! I also discoved a glitch in the Nokia PC Suite software. When I sync'd from Outlook XP, the phone would not allow me to then save any phone numbers to the SIM card. The only time I could save a phone number to the SIM was when I manually entered the contact information into the phone. I also discovered that there was no way to save text messages to the MMC, or export them to my PC. This was a problem when I thought I was going to have to exchange the phone, and did not want to lose text messages. I have also been disappointed with the design of the ear piece connection. It is difficult/awkward to connect, and seems to be easy to disconnect. I think the 2.5mm connector is far better. The other connector is obviously necessary for the ability to sync with a PC. I have been able to send and receive text messages and photos; however, I have not been able to figure out how to IM. The E-wallet feature is interesting, but I haven't found an opportunity to test it. The battery life seems decent, but it depends how many applications you are running and what kind of signal strength you have. Operating in a weak signal environment will run the battery down faster. Overall, talk time is acceptable. The MMode Internet access is abbreviated but can be handy. I have not yet tested it as a wireless modem and cannot offer any comments.
Product features:
Integrated camera with 640 x 480 pixel resolution; standard, self-timer, and night mode, 2X digital zoom
Bright active matrix TFT color display supporting 65,536 colors
Combine image, video, text and voice clip and send as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) to a compatible phone or PC
12 MB built-in flash memory expandable with external multimedia card (MMC) slot for user data. 32 MB MMC included
Bluetooth wireless technology

Product: 3 Piece Starter Kit for LG C1300, G4015
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Wireless Technologies
Rating: 1/5
3 Piece Starter Kit for LG C1300, G4015
Beware, NOT compatible with LG C1300

BEWARE!! The car charger adapter is not compatible with the LG C1300. It fits the phone but does not provide power for the phone. I had to return this item because of that.
Product features:
Includes Cigarette lighter adapter, Leather carrying case and Hands free earbud
Car cord powers your phone and recharges the battery while on the go
Genuine full-grain leather carrying case with clear plastic front protects the display and keypad
Comfortable earbud, mini shirt clip optimizes microphone placement & eliminates cord weight pull
Compatible with LG C1300, G4015, G5014

Product: Motorola V600 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 2/5
Motorola V600 Phone (T-Mobile)
whan they build it thay didnt think

i have purches that phone 2 month ago after i got use to use the sony t610. the sony was keeping my wireless bluetooth wireless device connected just fine but the motorola like to drop the connection and is unreliable.
whan the bluetooth is connected you dont have much choices for ringtones, it is eather loud or not loud -- thats the choices.
from tine to time the connection to the bluetooth will be lost and i have to restart the phone.
also the software is very confusing even for me that im very good with computers.
it happent to me that whan i want to dial using voice dialing and i didnt say anything it will dial someone.

talk time is very good.
the camers takes nice pictures.

i have purchase the v600 because of the features but next year whan my contract end i will look for another phone not from motorola.
Product features:
Colorful customizable external display
VGA camera with 4x digital zoom
Integrated Bluetooth for wireless data connectivity
5 MB internal memory for downloadable applications, ringtones, wallpapers, and photos
Large 65,000-color display with video playback

Product: Jabra EarBoom Winder for Phones with Universal 2.5mm Jack
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Jabra
Rating: 2/5
Jabra EarBoom Winder for Phones with Universal 2.5mm Jack
Bad, bad, bad!

My first 3 days with the EarBoom Winder have been very disappointing. When I make a call when driving, the "reel" part of the EarBoom dangles down awkwardly and sometimes gets wrapped around the gear shift. Obviously, this is not good. It takes away much (all?) of the safety of a hands-free kit. I encountered a buzzing noise when making calls. I never get this with the stock hands-free kit that ships with my Motorola V60i. Yesterday, the EarBoom stopped working. I couldn't hear anything through it. This is probably because the reel hangs down, and the wire is getting loose in its connection. I give this product a 2, and not a 1, because I did some tests and found that voice transmission was clearer with the Jabra than with my stock hands-free kit. I'm going to return this product and get a Jabra EarBroom -- without that darn winder!
Product features:
Sleek, lightweight design
Bendable, soft foam-coated plastic
Noise-canceling microphone
Premium sound quality
Universally compatible

Product: Plantronics M110 Over The Head Headset w/ 2.5mm Plug
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Plantronics
Rating: 5/5
Plantronics M110 Over The Head Headset w/ 2.5mm Plug
Good quality. Now good price.

We have used ours for over a year with no problem. It fits well and have no problem with hearing, we do have a volume control on the phone that we turn up to hear better. My Mom was visiting and really liked it so we just ordered one for her, and we really like our I would recommend it to others..
We do have another brand that we use in the den and it's more cumberson, so everyone usually uses this one.
Product features:
Secure fit and quality sound
Stable, Over-the-head Wearing Style
Noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise
Microphone Volume switch for optimal voice transmission
Compatible with all phones that have a 2.5mm jack

Product: Samsung E105 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Samsung
Rating: 4/5
Samsung E105 Phone (T-Mobile)
Best phone I've owned

This phone works great, sure there are some minor flaws. It can't ring and vibrate at the same time which I liked from my Nokia. The ring tones are much liuder though, and polyphonic which makes downloading tones fun. Sometimes the screen will stay black for a few seconds when opened. It might be because Iv'e dropped it though. Small Compact and Useful! Buy this phone if your looking for a new one!
Product features:
This sporty little model is as fun as it is stylish
Large color screen (65,000 colors)
Download MegaTones from the hottest bands
WorldClass international phone (dual band: 900 & 1900 MHz) for travel in over 100 countries
Comes with picture messaging and AOL Instant Messenger

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PalmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager
Franklin Speaking 11th Collegiate Dictionary
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PalmOne Tungsten E Handheld
PalmOne Zire 72 Special Edition Handheld Silver
PalmOne P10952U 802.11 Wi-Fi SDIO Card for Tungsten T3 and Zire 72
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Belkin F3U133-16 USB 2.0 A/B Cable (16 Feet)
Belkin F3U134-10 USB A/A Extension Cable; 10ft
Nikon UC-E6 Replacement USB Cable for Coolpix 2100, 2200, 3100, 3200, 4200, 5200, 8400 & 8800 Digital Cameras
Apple iPod Dock Connector-to-FireWire-and-USB 2.0 Cable (Windows PC Only)
Sima CT-2 Video Signal Processor
Monster Cable iSplitter for iPod and PowerBook
Monster Cable iCable for iPod

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Motorola MD671 5.8GHz Cordless Speakerphone/Caller ID
VTech ip5850 5.8 GHz DSS Cordless Phone with Dual Handsets and Digital Answering System
Cardo Systems scala-500 Bluetooth Headset
Panasonic KX-TCA60 Headset
New BLACK Motorola MPX220 UNLOCKED GSM Smart Phone
Panasonic KX-TG5422M 5.8 GHz DSS Cordless Phone with Dual Handsets
Logitech 980158-0403 Internet Chat Headset

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