Gsm mobile phone related reviews

Product: Kyocera K9 Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: KYOCERA
Rating: 5/5
Kyocera K9 Prepaid Phone (Virgin Mobile)
A Great Phone For People On A Tight Budget

This is a very good phone and has a pretty price tag, and since this phone is through Virgin Mobile, there are no contracts!!! I previously owned this phone and it was a great phone. I had to pay for my own phone so I got the cheapest one because I couldn't wait for one. This phone may be cheap but is still very good. You will definitely get a "bang" for your buck. This has most of the features of the more expensive phones (obviously not a camera) and has a flashlight. There is a feature to lock the keys for your phone so you're not dialing someone while the phone is in your pocket (believe me, I've done it before). The black and white screen and battery life are very good. Also, the ringtones on this phone get really loud since the speaker is on the outside of the phone, unlike flip phones. The only thing some people may not like it there are no downloadable games (and the games on the phone are really boring) and there is no speakerphone but it didn't bother me that much. I recommend this phone for people who want a phone but don't need all those fancy features or for people who don't want to spend a lot for a cell phone.

Now this is why you should get a phone through Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is the best prepaid service provider. TracFone is just HORRIBLE (minutes go as high as $.50 a minute and text messages are $.30 each and I think you have to pay to receive text messages with TracFone). With Virgin Mobile, its $.25 a minutes for the first ten minutes of the day and $.10 a minute after that. Text messages are $.10 to send and free to receive. A lot of content is available at for putting on your phone (ringtones, celebrity voicemail greetings, MTV and Comedy Central Content, and a lot more). You only have to play $20 every three month which is A LOT cheaper than most cell phone service providers. And best of all, NO CONTRACTS!!! Virgin Mobile is the way to go for prepaid phone service.
Product features:
Dazzling blue backlighting
Palm-friendly size and shape
2-way text messaging
Download actual song clips
Built-in flashlight and 3 pre-loaded games

Product: Sony Ericsson T306 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Ericsson
Rating: 3/5
Sony Ericsson T306 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Pay for the voicemail

It was free with rebates and it was small with a color screen. These are the reasons that I bought it. Generally speaking it serves its purpose. Although I have had problems with reception. I have been in a room with my two friends who have the same service provider, but different phones, and they both had service and I didn't. I've lost service sitting in the same place and not moving. Although I must give it this: I dropped it into a river and it was still on. Yes, it still works, but it gets NO service now. What do you want from a water-logged phone?
Product features:
LCD color display supports 256 colors
Polyphonic ringtones
Downloadable games
Phonebook can contain 250 contacts
Includes battery, headset and travel charger

Product: Nokia 6230 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 4/5
Nokia 6230 Phone (Cingular)
Harder than heck to open

I only have one real problem with this phone. It is harder than heck to open. I tried for hours to get this thing open. HOURS. I was just about to return the thing when I thought to myself why not bring down to a cingular store to see if they could open it. It took 3 people to get this darn thing open. The last guy that tried open it in like 2 seconds. Maybe the reat of us were girlie men.

Other than getting it open I had no problems. Its small, feels good , has but load of features. All in all a pretty good phone.

Oh yeah one other thing you do need a headset to hear the radio. I was hoping I could just plug in my ear plugs of something.
Product features:
Supports streaming video and audio
Support for high speed EDGE data networks
Integrated VGA camera/camcorder
65,000-color TFT display
Bluetooth wireless technology

Product: T-Mobile To Go Prepaid $25 Refill Card
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: T-Mobile
Rating: 3/5
T-Mobile To Go Prepaid $25 Refill Card
Its coverage is okay and I wanted to use a Nokia phone

It's a lot cheaper to use than any postpaid plan if you're a casual cell phone user. I make about 3 calls a week. The coverage is pretty good, but strangely spotty. I can literally walk 40 feet and go from no signal to a good signal in some places. I mostly got it, because at the time I got it (04/04), it was the only prepaid plan that used a Nokia phone. I really like the Nokia user interface.

The per minute charges are a little confusing, because each card buys a different number of minutes. Also what each card buys changes as T-Mobile competes with other prepaid plans. At least as I write this review, $25 buys you 130 minutes and lasts for 3 months, but if you "top up" i.e. buy more minutes before the expiration date, all your minutes are renewed for another 3 months. Last June, T-Mobile had a deal where your minutes lasted for a year.

My husband uses Virgin which he's really happy with and at the time I bought, Virgin was little cheaper. However I find his phone very confusing to use. And as far as we can tell, the coverage in the SF bay area is about the same between Virgin and T-Mobile. And now T-Mobile is a little cheaper. I'm sure the price wars will continue.

Since the cost to switch is the phone, and the phone is the biggest investment you'll make, I recommend choosing a prepaid plan based on the phone and the coverage in your area.
Product features:
No annual contract or credit check
Buy airtime as you need it, good for 90 days from time of activation
Includes 100 Whenever Minutes
Minutes include Nationwide long distance (including Alaska & Hawaii)
No roaming charges on Nationwide on the T-Mobile USA network

Product: Motorola HS810 Bluetooth Headset
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 4/5
Motorola HS810 Bluetooth Headset
Motorola HS810 Bluetooth Headset

I originally purchased a Motorola HS 820 bluetooth headset from Amazon to go with my Sony Ericsson T637 phone on Cingular. After the original charge, it worked fine for a few days, but I was annoyed that you have to hold down a button to turn it on each time you want to use it, or else leave it on in standby, slowly draining its battery. As luck would have it, when I charged it for a second time, it went kaput.

I used the opportunity of returning the now dead HS 820 to switch to the, IMO, superior HS 810. With the HS 810, you not only get a carry case for the headset, but you just flip out the hinged microphone to activate the device and instantly it negotiates a connection with the phone. People hear me fine even though I am training myself to speak quietly when on the phone in public, and, in contrast to other reviews, I usually find myself turning down the volume on the phone and the HS 810 to keep it from being too loud. I have found that by adjusting the phone volume and headset volume, I can get a good natural sounding balance between tone and volume unlike regular headsets which I find to sound a bit muffled in general. Using the voice dialing feature of my phone with the headset works best if I enter the original command name using the headset.

The headset is so light that I forget about it being on my ear until I start wondering why people are staring at me. This product is very reliable and handy. Note to Motorola design team: Get rid of the silly and unnecessary blue light. I will be interested to see how reduced in size these devices will become over the next couple of years. It wont be long before the whole phone is this size and fits in our ear I imagine.

This is a good product that meets a need.
Product features:
Bluetooth wireless technology means that the sheer convenience of hands-free communication is enhanced with total freedom of movement.
Unfold the boom microphone, place the headset over the ear and a link will be established automatically.
This universal accessory encourages users to update, change and evolve because it is compatible with all other 1.1 compliant Bluetooth wireless technology phones by Motorola and other manufacturers.
Smaller Size, Bigger Power. This tiny powerhouse is less than 5 cm in diameter when folded and weighs just 20 grams.
Increased talk time of up to 5 hours and standby time of up to 100 hours.

Product: Samsung E316 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: AT&T Wireless
Rating: 4/5
Samsung E316 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T)
Samsung Phones are the best thing that ever happned to AT&T

I purchased the Samsung X426 model which is pretty identical to this one but with no external caller ID on the outside & loved it. On a scale of 1-10 i would rate that phone a 8.5. So iam on my 30 day trial period with AT&T and 2 days before my 30 day trial was over i noticed the E-316 Samsung that was just waiting in the window display 4 me 2 purchase. I have been waiting 4 this model to come out 4 pretty much 30 days. I run around Manhattan trying 2 get this phone because one AT&T rep said they had it in their stores & when i got there they didn't **(AT&T reps really need to be trained properly on what they say to there customers because they constantly tell customers false information & have no product knowledge whatsoever)** & finally exchanged it about 2 days before the trial period was up. Its a great cell phone & records video clips as well which they need to advertise. Its an awesome video phone which includes 4 video games & tons of ringers & colorful screen savers. The only thing is it doesn't come with a standard ring tone like the previous 2 Samsungs made for AT&T. The standard 2 ring tones given are quit annoying. It comes with a really kool looking charger & this high tech ear piece that is specifically designed for this model. Like all Samsung phones this one is amazing with excellent reception & as always user friendly (Plus its light in weight). None the less i want to give this phone a 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars. 1st time cell phone buyers will love this phone & not regret it while smart cell phone shoppers know Samsung rules this arena. Final analysis is that ive had pretty much all the major cell phones carriers in NYC. Ive had Sprint & Verizon & AT&T will be my last carrier because T-Mobil & Cingular wireless are horrible on the east coast. Ive always had Samsung phones & everytime i try 2 get a different model like LG or Kyocera it just pails in comparison to Samsung. Samsung cell phones are the best thing that ever happened to AT&T because they have the most ugliest looking phones ive ever seen except for LG phones which are decent. A must have =)
Product features:
Ultralight VGA camera phone with dual-color displays.
Java Capable, 65K color TFT LCD Screen
40-chord polyphonic ringtone compatible
VGA Camera takes photos at 640x480 resolution
Includes phone and travel charger

Product: Nokia 6230 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Nokia
Rating: 1/5
Nokia 6230 Phone (Cingular)
Avoid Nokia 6230

I have purchased my Nokia 6230 from amazon two weeks ago. This week, this phone started to freeze when people in my contact list call me. This phone just ignore any key I pressed. I have to take off battery and reinstall it. And it happened three times today.

I called Cingular, the CSR told me since I bought it from Amazon, they are not liable to it. That sxxks.

I try to call Nokia, the automatic voice system told me I have to wait 30 minute for the next available service person. Ten minutes later, it told me everybody is home :(

Right now, I am looking for a job and I leave my cingular number as my contact number. You can imagine I am in a big trouble now. Because there is no Nokia Service Center for this phone is California/West Coast and it will take me 15 days to have my phone repaired/replaced in Florida.

My suggestion? Trying your best to avoid Nokia and Cingular.

Update 7/20:

I wrote to Nokia and told them my problem and my zip code. They just wrote me back and told me I should contact my local Authorized Service Center. :(

In case you have notice what I mentioned before, the closest Nokia Authorized Service Center is in Melbourne, Flodia which is more than 3000 miles from here.
Product features:
Supports streaming video and audio
Support for high speed EDGE data networks
Integrated VGA camera/camcorder
65,000-color TFT display
Bluetooth wireless technology

Product: Sony Ericsson T610 Phone (T-Mobile)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Ericsson
Rating: 2/5
Sony Ericsson T610 Phone (T-Mobile)
Reception, what reception?

I can only speak about Cincinnati, Ohio where the reception driving around is shockingly bad, 4 bars to 1 bar in a second, or even 3 to 0 bars isn't exactly working for me. I can look down a the phone and get 3 bars then put the phone up to my ear and get NO reception. I have version RS1 of the software and I have heard getting it upgraded will help, we'll see. Old Nokia is the same area worked fine.
Rest the of the functionality is awesome, I'm just praying I can impove the reception.
Product features:
Large 128x160 pixel 65.000 color screen
MMS for composing messages using images, sounds and text
Supports Java and Mophun platforms for the widest range of mobile games and applications
Supports Bluetooth, infrared and cable for PC synchronization
With a built-in 319 x 288 pixel camera and QuickShare software

Product: Motorola V400 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Motorola
Rating: 1/5
Motorola V400 Phone (Cingular)
Worst piece of junk I ever bought..... Save your money

I'm tired of reading revues from people who just got a brand new cell phone and have absolutely no depth of history with the product.
I purchased my V400 july 2004 and at first (for about 2 month) had no big problems the phone didn't strike me or the people i was talking with to have any great audio quality but it was usable.
Then I was constantly trying to max out my volume since i couldn't hear what people where saying to me, most of the time i was rushing to a land line and called them back (great way to do business).
Then the phone started to become unusable. People calling me couldn't hear me or i couldn't hear them. Sound distorted.
The games worked ok and so did the camera. But lets be honest here give a phone that works first then ad the gimicks.
I received consecutivelly 2 new phones in exchange of my original one. All of them did the same thing fine for 3-4 weeks and then hell broke loose.
After 1 year of Hell and dropping from using 700min/month on my account to 150. I finally got another model.
I hope my new Motorola V600 works or this will be the last Motorola phone I ever own.
Product features:
Tri-band GSM phone is notable for its high-resolution display, VGA camera, and MP3 ringtones
Camera features 5MB of memory, self-timer, saves images for Picture Caller id
Large 65,000 color primary display for Internet browsing, game playing (Prince of Persia included)
External caller id display for call screening, phone book with 1000 entry capacity
Ringtone support MIDI and MP3 formats, as well as built-in MotoMixer ringtone composer

Product: Siemens S56 Phone (Cingular)
Productgroup: Wireless
Manufacturer: Siemens
Rating: 4/5
Siemens S56 Phone (Cingular)
great phone

When I went hunting for a phone with bluetooth, this was the most affordable option out there. I use it all the time with a bluetooth earpiece which is a great convenience. It is a nice size -- small enough to slip into a pocket, but not so small that it's hard to hold on to.
Product features:
The Siemens S56 is a GSM dual band phone (850/1900)
Access the internet via GPRS or CDS
Download Polyphonic Ringtones, Java Games, and Applications
Can act as a modem for other devices that it connects to with Bluetooth or Data Cable
Includes S56 phone, 700 mAh Li-Ion Battery, instruction booklet

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